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Rowena M. [RowenaMonde]@KinteSpace that’s lovely, just my style :)

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Mama wa Sukiri [TamTamsWorld] She’s BROKEN, look! Fractures to the legs and arms. I was so proud of this. I’m gonna have to make her again. :'( []

Mama wa Sukiri [TamTamsWorld] YASSS! “@carvh12: “@LyudmilaTomova: “The Bull”, 24 x 36″ #acrylic, latest painted for ROYGBIV [] ””

the kinte space [KinteSpace] The Curious Persistence of Poetry Shops []

Tseday Mekbib [Tseday] As an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, the +3000 years narrative is my history. It will not to be diminished or altered to accommodate your ego

Sweet Potato Soul [sweetpotatosoul]@KinteSpace@OvercookedVegan Looks so freakin’ good!!

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::: 2/28/2009


  • ::: David Aondona Angya: Broken Marriages
  • ::: Book Review: Ousmane Sembène Interviews
  • ::: DVDs with the Elders

::: David Aondona Angya: Broken Marriages

::: :::

We are pleased to indulge in our first selection from Dr. Jerry Agada’s labor of love, 500 Nigerian Poets. This Aboki Publishers volume, shipping from 43 New Bridge (Otukpo) Road in Makurdi, Benue State, sings with diversity. It is a rich tapestry of creative vision.

We present only one of the 500 poets, David Aondona Angya. A native of Benue State and a graduate of Benue State University, young David (born in 1976) is a lawyer, preacher, actor and broadcaster. His work, “Broken Marriages,” speaks with near geometric precision about a traditionally messy subject.

::: Book Review: Ousmane Sembène Interviews

::: :::

It is said that Africa’s first ‘full-blood’ filmmaker is the great Ousmane Sembène of Senegal. The 2008 release of Ousmane Sembène Interviews, edited by Annett Busch of Munich and Max Annas of Cologne, introduces to a new generation of filmmakers a beginning. We often assume that beginnings are times of innocence and naïveté but historical transcripts can blow these melodramatic biases away.

::: DVDs with the Elders

::: :::

The DVD is an “old” technology for you young cats? Fine. Let’s talk about my favorite DVDs with old cats in them! This collection of goodies includes Brahmanand Swamigal, A Palestinian Grandfather, William C. Westmoreland, Cecil Taylor, Babatunde Olatunji and Ibrahim Ferrer.


  • ::: Njoki Njehu: What’s Missing in US/Africa Policy?
  • ::: rasx() on film: 2007
  • ::: My Jimi Hendrix Music Collection (

::: Njoki Njehu: What’s Missing in US/Africa Policy?

::: :::

The V-Man of (now 101.1 FM) in Santa Cruz interviewed African activist Njoki Njehu of Keyna about the 2003 President Bush trip to Africa. At the time of the interview, Njoki Njehu was based in Washington D.C. and recommended several D.C.-related web sites for world-wide activism:, and, of course, which is her home organization.

Njoki Njehu makes it clear that the Bush visit to Africa was very different from President Clinton’s as the residents of Island of Gorée, a symbol of the African slave trade, were forced, shortly after dawn, into a football stadium as a “safety precaution” during the administrative visit.

::: rasx() on film: 2007

::: :::

I’m counting 19 articles about film written for the year 2007. That’s one more than the ones written in 2000 through 2006. It’s becoming clear to me that I am very interested in writing about film. I can only hope the hope of the captive that you are just as fascinated with me as I am!

My journeys allow me to visit Mantan Moreland, Bernie Mac, Jim Brown, Spike Lee, Howard Zinn, Alice Walker (and Spike Lee, again), Akira Kurasawa, Yasujiro Ozu, Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardener), Charles Burnett, Jeremy Irons, Tupac Shakur, Quincy Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Regis, Kathy Lee, Basquiat, B. Hall, Al Gore, Ousmane Sembène, Kieslowski, Bukowski, Abbas Kiarostami, Oscar Micheaux, Richard Wright, Steve Martin, Rita Levi-Montalcini and many more!

::: My Jimi Hendrix Music Collection (

::: :::

“Happy New Year first of all. I hope we have a million or two million more…” I have been quoting that one for years but the person I heard it from was Jimi Hendrix about to play “Machine Gun” with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles in one of the greatest concerts in the entire history of Rock and Roll.

You cannot possibly overestimate the impact Jimi Hendrix has on me to this day. You see when my grandmother, my mother’s mother, the sister of Blues guitarist Roy Gaines, heaps compliments on a great instrumentalist she would say, “You tore it up!” And nobody tore up a guitar like Jimi Hendrix. He could literally dismantle and rebuild the device while he was playing it. At about 6:40 in this video you begin to see what I am trying to say but the video goes bad and skips over the sequence!

New technology had to be invented in order to accommodate his mod’s. His work with sound designers on Electric Ladyland helped paved the way for more uses of the synthesizer in music (it is important to remember that this album did not use synthesizers). It is quite an easy task to understand how Jimi Hendrix, one of the most highly paid musicians in history, was bigger than his so-called art form. It has taken decades for most of this video content to be made easily available without documentarian cuts and without regard to pristine sound quality. Get all you can now because even will not last forever!