I love e-ink Peter Tellone: “There are three main ingredients to good exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Okay, yes I said no math, but I will use a bit of geometry to illustrate the effect that the three components of exposure have on each other.”

“Yay for HSLa”

Chris Coyier: “It is similar to RGBa in that you declare three values determining the color and then a fourth value for its transparency level. You can read more about browser support below, but it’s basically any browser that supports rgba supports hsla too.”

“POC ePub Book Reader Booktorious”

Rey Bango: “I checked out this new POC app called Booktorious by August Lilleaas. It’s actually pretty neat in that it’s a 100% client side web application that reads EPUB books. So I jumped over to epubBooks and downloaded Through the Looking-Glass just to see how far down the rabbit hole I could go with this (sorry couldn’t resist). The book rendered perfectly and performance was decent considering the whole thing was being loaded at one time.”

“Applying Interior Design Principles To The Web”

Katie Thompson: “Balance is one of the first things we notice in a design, often subconsciously. If something seems off-kilter, it may have to do with balance, and it can be difficult to move on and appreciate the design’s other aspects. Balancing color, images and textures gives a look of completion to a design and shows the user that you have an eye for detail.”

“Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles”

Noupe: “There are a lot of general design theories and principles out there that apply to all forms of design, whether in digital or print mediums. These include things like balance and scale, as well as more abstract topics like emotion and what makes for “good” design.”

“How To Use Photos To Sell More Online”

James Chudley: “This article pulls together principles from psychology, marketing, UX design and photographic theory. It provides a set of principles to follow when commissioning and editing photography and when planning and designing profitable e-commerce user experiences.”