“Text Depth of Field Effect”

Sawyer Hollenshead: “Best viewed in a WebKit browser…” Uses the Web Font Loader

“Demo: CSS drop-shadows without images”

Nicolas Gallagher: “Using CSS pseudo-elements, box-shadows, and transforms to create drop-shadow effects without images from semantic HTML…”

“Checkerboard pattern with CSS3”

Lea Verou: “Webkit seems to have an odd rendering bug, so it needed a background-size override and it still doesn’t look perfect. Oh well, reported the bug and moved on.”

“Useful Web Services, Tools and Resources For Web Designers”

Smashing Magazine: “This tool is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any Web page into a wireframe with a single click. The bookmarklet helps you get rid of all distractions by blocking out copy, images and ads, letting you take a closer look at the website’s building blocks. Wirify is a useful tool that shows the balance of a website that the eye perceives only unconsciously.”

“CSS: Innovative Techniques and Practical Solutions”

Vitaly Friedman: “The main goal of the article is to present powerful new CSS techniques, encourage experimentation in the design community and push CSS forward. Please notice that we feature both experimental demos and practical techniques in this article.”

“CSS coding conventions”

Stoyan Stefanov: “The important thing to remember is—it’s not that important what exactly is a chosen standard or convention, the most important is that there is one. The rest, the details, is just common sense, and since ‘the common sense is not common to everybody’, pick whatever makes sense for you.”

“CSS organization tip 1: Flags”

Douglas Bowman: “I briefly touched on CSS organization a couple months ago. As a bit of background, if you’ve ever taken a look at any of my style sheets, you’ve probably noticed that I always divide them into key sections.”