2005-04-08: Beah: A Black Woman Speaks Wins Peabody Award

Songhay System has now become an award-winning digital media production company as the following lines from a Peabody Awards press release suggest:

HBO, a multiple award winner, was cited for “Beah: A Black Woman Speaks,” a loving biographical tribute to Beah Richards, cited by the Peabody Board as a giving “remarkable insight into her life as an actress, poet and teacher”…

Among many luminaries with Ms. Richards herself, this film features the direction and the graceful stage presence of the mother of my second child (sorry for my underhand way of name dropping but she is the mother of my son) and engaging commentary by Ruby and Ossie—previously respected in this Blog.

It also has insightful contributions by my old college professor, Dr. Gerald Horne, author of an excellent book (among many), Race War: White Supremacy and the Japanese Attack on the British Empire, which I should have reviewed a large time ago here in—but there are literally hundreds of reviews out there for this intellectual giant.

And, oh, of course this film was edited by none other than Academy Award winner Kate Amend. A very extensive technical article (that badly needs to be updated) on mentions her—an indulgence that still does not go unappreciated. And speaking of mentioning, I do not find my name or company listed on the full credits of this film. I have a long and intimate history with shit like this. It is instructive. Almost all of it based on ignorance and injustice and not on the “bloated nothingness” of a fragile ego. Just look at the credits on this page! Go all the way down to “Other crew” where they have thanks to family members listed. Do you see me there? So you, reader, are not the teacher to teach me the lesson of what it means to be an insignificant person. How can I make a decent living when networking opportunities like these are continually squished?

Anyway… Let me calm down… There is nothing new under the sun… I have added the “new” visual effects company Songhay System to The Internet Movie Database along with the new digital compositor Bryan Wilhite. My reference number is 050409-031059-269000. Let’s see how this goes…


timeka, 2005-04-10 21:04:16

congrats bryan!