Bryan Wilhite Listed at

Just to step on the notion that—like papa Bush once said on television—I am “happy about saying something negative,” we here at would like to follow up on the rant made back April, celebrating the Peabody award bestowed on Beah: A Black Woman Speaks. Here is something positive: Bryan Wilhite is listed as the digital compositor for this award-winning film! Our work has appeared on HBO and we did not have to leave our living room. African work belongs in the home!

I am a guy with very high expectations so it’s ‘easy’ not to impress me. But I never expected to be listed on—even when it is my right to be acknowledged for full credit for hard work done. As a student of history—African history—my education informs me to expect injustice—even from other so-called Africans. Egocentricity knows no color lines… I look forward to getting back to the visual projects here at The last dozen or more posts here in this Blog have very little coverage of ‘motion imagery’ or ‘digital media production.’ I am tired and weary of being tired and weary of the dominant role Microsoft and data management solutions research have been playing in my adult life—almost my entire adult life.

Don’t get me wrong: I really, really enjoy managing data—because even motion picture footage is data. What I do not enjoy is building systems to manage data with immature/transitional technology. The expectation here is to settle down very soon and get back to communicating with more people than machines.