XML Links

Altova Authentic

InfoPath users may feel lonely being unaware of the products of Altova and others. I’ve tried their home version of XML Spy and their forms editing program called Authentic. XML Spy Home Edition does not come with the features one can enjoy in Visual Studio 1.x—like a visual representation of schema—so I uninstalled it. Authentic immediately reminded me of InfoPath. The jury is still out on this one.

XML Indexing Part 1

“This two-part article discusses various aspects of indexing XML data.” This article features a new type IndexingXPathNavigator. The Select() method of this type reminds me of the FindBy() thingy in the typed DataSet.

Life After Ajax?

Micah Dubinko, his article details what I make flippant: Ajax ain’t shit. Remember that this vulgar comment is coming from a Danny Goodman student of JavaScript. I prefer to have 98% of my JavaScript code in one central location, an external file. Ajax code is scattered about like beer cans in a frat house—try to debug that mess! As well, I am more interested in XUL applications like the Mozilla Amazon Browser. And—oh yeah: Scott Guthrie has the Atlas Project.

Microsoft Will Stop Monopolizing the .XML File Type

Brian Jones of the Office 12 team promises that .xml will be free from Redmondian domination.

Sharing Data Types across Web Services

Micosoft’s Scott Seely writes about mapping XSD types to CLR types. I’m not quite understanding what’s going on there so it’s here for my future reference.