first_page Releases New Audio Presentation Player

The first major research and development cycle at appears to be coming to an end as we finally begin to roll out “dog food” for our empty stomachs. The new Flash-based player is mixes PHP, XSLT and—of course—XML to present streaming audio from a centralized location. We made the choice to take the time to build a strong centralized Web application instead of posting more static, hand-made SWF files—which would eventually be a labor nightmare.

Going forward, we’ll have a single SWF file driven by a declarative XML set specifying the track list and visual appearance. The ‘hope’ here is that our previous listening audience has not abandoned us forever and a new audience is not expecting Pod-casts exclusively. Peoples! Look forward to listening to Cornel West, Amiri Baraka and more Angela Davis here at!

This application requires Flash Player 7 or greater but still uses ActionScript 1.0. This allowed us to take advantage of Unicode and limited CSS support, while leveraging the ‘legacy’ Flash MX 2003 code base described in “Songhay System Flash MX Toolkit.”

It should go without saying that every information technology or digital media production solution presented at, or is up for sale—but then again I am woefully short on marketing and sales experience.