Grilling through Some Links

XML Links

How to strip (or change) an XML namespace with XmlDocument” reminds us again that namespace resolution is no joke.

The “XPathNavigator.CheckValidity Method” reminds me once again that the System.Xml.XPath namespace is almost self-contained: there is no need to go crawling on your hands and knees looking for the obsolete XmlValidatingReader Class or fiddling with “XmlReaderSettings Members.” I’m still looking for an alternative to System.Xml.XmlNamespaceManager—because namespace resolution is no joke.

The “XmlCsvReader Implementation” is a curiosity but “Migrating from Version 1.1 of the XML Classes” is a serious, required read.

.NET Language(s) Links

Buy this book at!Adventures in Code Generation Land” came to me (indirectly) from corresponding with DonXML. I was not too impressed by the alternatives to XSD.EXE. However, DonXML mentioned WSCF for SOAP stuff—it’s installed here.

Consuming WebServices with SSL And HTTP BASIC Authentication” came up through Google™ research here in the maze of cubicles.

Sometimes you are just mindlessly copying code. But then one day you may ask for a conceptual name or at least a vocabulary word for what you are writing. In one particular case, “Constructor and Destructors in C#” implies the term “constructor chaining” with base(). “An Intro to Constructors in C#” uses the term explicitly.

I should not have to scavenge for fundamental, foundational information about .NET. An article like “Local and GAC Assemblies” should be replaced by a book about .NET (like the one by Jeffrey Richter pictured here).

“Since the release of MSBuild in .NET Framework 2.0, a very frequent customer request has been to provide a means for MSBuild to build .NET 1.1 applications.” This item may be the out-of-date solution to this problem.

WSMQ: another curiosity.

ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) is this just another way to refer to the System.DirectoryServices namespace? Feels like Potentially Confusing Marketing Messaging (PCMM) to me.

The Zip, GZip, BZip2 and Tar Implementation For .NET”: …ahh… well, you never know…

PHP-Related Links

WordPress users: it’s come down to this: “Did You Pass Math?

As long as Web 2.0 is flushed with cash, we will see this on “JavaScript ‘Associative Arrays’ Considered Harmful.”

Loads of Fun with HTTP POST/GET” may not be in store for me: I’m pretty sure my host has this featured disabled by default.

Hardware Links

The “precision” in the Dell Precision line of notebooks seems to be confined to the graphics card according to “Dell Precision M70 Review and Linux Setup.”

Verbatim 4GB Store ‘n’ Go USB HD Drive–95129”—hmm…