SQLite After-Party

I would really, really like to get back forward to poetry and audio—and motion pictures—the humanities proper—but I am still ‘stuck’ with arcane data management issues. I am supposedly tragically convinced that these relatively boring data issues have to be resolved before I can get on with “real art.” Recent Blog posts show quite explicitly how “artless” my life has been to people who answer to the name “artist.” The latest shindig has been with SQLite. SQLite is literally a disruptive technology in my life. When the decision was made to incorporate SQLite into the Songhay System Studio, a chain-reaction started causing quite a blast:

  • PDO_SQLITE. This was featured in a previous post.
  • Reading all of the “SQLite Tutorial” is healthy. However, jumping to the “Other Date and Time Commands” section has high priority.
  • Visual SQLite, GUI application for SQLite Databases, has a free trial version. I haven’t tried it as yet.
  • The SQLite ODBC Driver is important (to me) for running SQL 2000 DTS Packages with SQLite connections. However, the wackylabs.net article “SQLite in .Net” takes you out of the COM/C++-centric world of SQL 2000.
  • The phxsoftware.com article “Fastest Bulk Inserts” shows how you can hand-code DTS-like operations in .NET and shows full appreciation of the mighty database “factory” concepts ADO.NET 2.0.