Flippant Remarks about an Inconvenient Truth

Buy this DVD at!One great thing about Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is that we can straight to the bullet list since there is no need for expository introductions. Poets dislike exposition:

  • Al Gore shows how the personal computer can change the workaday life of a powerful political figure. The way Gore uses his personal computer should be contrasted with how, say, Karl Rove uses personal computers—especially ones with databases.
  • Al Gore kicks Steve Jobs’ ass when it comes to presentations.
  • Al Gore opens his presentation with the most famous photograph in history: a picture of the earth fully lit by the Sun. It is no accident, here in the rasx() context, that the Nile Valley civilizations of the so-called “Horn of Africa” are shown in this photograph. When these civilizations fell, that was the end of civilization. My ultra-orthodox, ultra-conservative view of civilization is why you are not my pal. Sorry. No group hug. (Too bad for me.)
  • Al Gore kicks Steve Jobs’ ass when it comes to presentations!
  • There is no possible way that I can enumerate all of the vile ways Al Gore’s presentation can be insulted by obsequious minions and their irreligious Roman piety. One way to undermine Al Gore is to make up some “human story” about Al Gore coming from a tobacco family as actually jealous of the oil families now ruling the world. Such egocentric interpretations of human behavior are impossible to avoid in a world ruled by egocentric people.
  • This film, An Inconvenient Truth, ramps up the historical relationship Democrats have had with some powerful people in Hollywood—and the Hollywood Diaspora. Gore might have come off as a “wooden” on the small, low-res television screen in the past—but now the subtlety of his voice and the power in his reserved manner performs well in high-definition format.
  • People with an ego the size of the political boundaries of Texas—and a wallet to match—may find Al Gore dragging his suitcase around in a lowly airport (to not get on a private jet) and giving slide shows “humiliating.” I can even hear some “conservative” radio talk show host using his best white-guy-of-homespun-authority voice to slip in the word “pathetic.” But what Al Gore is doing is the most heroic thing I have seen a professional politician on the Presidential scale do in years. This is not saying much (especially compared to the post-presidential work of Jimmy Carter)—but goddamn!
  • Al Gore kicks Steve Jobs’ ass when it comes to presentations—but Steve still wins: Al Gore uses a MacBook.


  • It may seem “dry” and “boring”—in spite of the great package—to use graphs and numbers to display a global crisis. But this egocentric, barbarian, emotional, impoverished caveman sentiment makes my “irretrievably stupid” point about the end of civilization mentioned earlier. You see folks—and you Negroes incline your ear, listen closer—in a civilization, all people measure as a way of life. Without correct measurement, all people in that civilization would literally (and esoterically) starve to death (a famine in the land). It should not be surprising to a person from the ancient African Nile Valley that numbers are used to make people obey. Inside of the word Mathematics is a divine ancient word that can’t possibly translate into English (for obvious reasons) so we will have to do with the word “correct.” This is why it is an abomination—a sin beyond sin—to hide correct information, what we now call “scientific information.” To hide correct information from children is to abuse the children. To delve into the history of the concealment of scientific information by imperial governments would have me lose even more pals. Man, I’m a real lonely guy… Hey dude, nice shoes…
  • Al Gore is basically telling you about hell on Earth—a veritable sea of fire—you do the math. Now do you understand why “normal people” hate math?
  • Make no mistake: there will be imitators—but the George Bush that is currently President would not last five minutes in such a presentation. George would need the stage to be overrun by a terrorist attack to hold the audience in fear of “God.”
  • An “inconvenient truth” is that patriarchal imperialists (even those faking it as communists) have always played the pimp and they treat the Earth like a bitch that always owes them money. When she does not pay, they try to smack that bitch up. Thinking of the Earth as a bitch that makes money makes the Earth act like one. It’s so sad how the greatest animal force of nature on Earth hardly recognizes nature.


Ed, 2007-06-06 01:51:11

Isn't Al Gore is on the Apple board of directors?

rasx(), 2007-06-06 18:25:48

I don't know.