The Aryan Negroes at Narmada Dam

The Negroes at Narmada DamThe image of the lovely Indian couple here is obviously a snapshot of urbanites—nice, urban people that are probably extremely affluent compared to the indigenous, rural people displaced by the construction of the Narmada dam they are posing in front of… there are several Narmada dams and more being built in one of the largest construction projects in the world. Wow.

In the documentary film Drowned Out, you can hear Indian government officials gushing about this technical achievement like “African American” (Negro) jubilee singers invited to sing at Carnegie hall for the first time. They literally say the word “prove”—as these Indian Negroes seek to prove themselves as a world-class power, like Michael Jackson eager to give himself plastic surgery (and you know how the pop world regards the King of Pop). This effort is eerily similar to the dam building in China—however China is a little bit of ahead of India as we are now “allowed” to read headlines like “China admits giant dam could cause ecological disaster.”

In the meantime, while Indian elites live out Aryan Imperialist dreams of theoretical conquest and actual murder, people like Arundhati Roy labor over scientific measurements that are either ignored or misrepresented by the Aryan-Negro overclass. At, she writes:

Go on, Government, quibble. Bargain. Beat it down. Say something.

I feel like someone who’s just stumbled on a mass grave.

Fifty million is more than the population of Gujarat. Almost three times the population of Australia. More than three times the number of refugees that Partition created in India. Ten times the number of Palestinian refugees. The Western world today is convulsed over the future of one million people who have fled from Kosovo.

A huge percentage of the displaced are tribal people (57.6 per cent in the case of the Sardar Sarovar Dam). Include Dalits and the figure becomes obscene. According to the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes, it’s about 60 per cent. If you consider that tribal people account for only eight per cent, and Dalits fifteen per cent, of India’s population, it opens up a whole other dimension to the story. The ethnic ‘otherness’ of their victims takes some of the pressure off the Nation Builders. It’s like having an expense account. Someone else pays the bills. People from another country. Another world. India’s poorest people are subsidising the lifestyles of her richest.

Did I hear someone say something about the world’s biggest democracy?

Buy this DVD at!So this is how the Negro-Aryan-dam-irrigation system works: the dams displace indigenous people; construction companies make money building the dam; industrial concerns (like massive chemical companies) get new water; the displaced people live in massive suburban slums and become cheap labor for industrial concerns; urbanite, university-educated ignorant people complain bitterly about so many horrible poor people; the government goes into a boom-time of law enforcement; filmmakers and other teachers make movies that teach children to assume that this is the only way to live. Rinse and repeat.

There is so much money to be made by removing people from the land and eliminating their self-sufficiency. There is good money in savages. It is a sad police state of the human imagination to see these maneuvers, this white-boy dancing, as the only way to have a high tech future. Because these Negro-Aryans are so “keen” on proving themselves to be just as intelligent as their Anglican fore-rapists, it will be much, much harder for these blokes to admit that they are wrong. The racial context in which they operate puts them in danger of exposing the racial inferiority they certainly must have—according to their own quest to prove they are not racially inferior. They fully intend to be the cave dwellers they are hell-bent on impressing. Their Platonic cave will be a quiet villa nestled in manicured verdance, a pleasant garden with walls decorated by the paintings of the very indigenous “artists” they displaced. You see, it takes a certain kind of ossified, recessive-gene, pineal discipline not to see the irony in that. There is an affluent, dark-skinned man in every African country right now that will be quietly reading his morning newspaper with a cup of tea, performing the same kind of cancerous discipline.


Jennifer, 2012-02-21 22:44:50

The World Bank estimates that forcible “development-induced displacement and resettlement” now affects 10 million people per year. According to the World Bank an estimated 33 million people have been displaced by development projects such as dams, urban development and irrigation projects in India alone.

India is well ahead in this respect. A country with as many as over 3600 large dams within its belt can never be the exceptional case regarding displacement. The number of development induced displacement is higher than the conflict induced displacement in India. According to Bogumil Terminski an estimated more than 10 million people have been displaced by development each year.

Athough the exact number of development-induced displaced people (DIDPs) is difficult to know, estimates are that in the last decade 90–100 million people have been displaced by urban, irrigation and power projects alone, with the number of people displaced by urban development becoming greater than those displaced by large infrastructure projects (such as dams). DIDPs outnumber refugees, with the added problem that their plight is often more concealed.

This is what experts have termed “development-induced displacement.” According to Michael Cernea, a World Bank analyst, the causes of development-induced displacement include water supply (dams, reservoirs, irrigation); urban infrastructure; transportation (roads, highways, canals); energy (mining, power plants, oil exploration and extraction, pipelines); agricultural expansion; parks and forest reserves; and population redistribution schemes.