Another Table of Articles about Web Stuff

“[PHP Myths Dispelled](” Another defensive article about PHP being too easy to use—and when a tool is to easy to use, many, many sloppy people will use it.
“[Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Whitepapers—Release: Developer Tools](” Finally, Microsoft responds to [Firebug](
“[DPI Matters in Blend](” “In WPF, Silverlight and Blend, 1 pixel is approximately 1/96th of an inch. Therefore, for dropped images to look correct, you need to save them with a DPI of 96.”

For historical reasons, I am almost certain that the Macintosh version of Silverlight needs 72 DPI.

“[Stay Away from Home Server Day Care](” “In a pointed, January blog post, Microsoft technical evangelist Volker Will flamed:”

“‘No longer in my home! Last week I lost about 180GB of files because Home Server failed to read its data from perfectly intact USB drives and/or from the local hard disk’s D:\ drive… I did not give up and assumed it was a hardware fault or my mistake. Reinstalled on complete different hardware, buying a 1TB USB drive, duplicating all shares, happy camper. Until tonight… coming home from work, again all Windows Home Server icons in the client PC tray areas are red. WTF.’”

“[Why does the world need another XML API?](” “Finally, we believe that the overall LINQ story is going to have a pretty profound impact on data programmability, and we want to make sure that LINQ has a good story for XML. Serious thought was given to the challenge of LINQ-enabling the existing APIs, but no satisfactory designs emerged. LINQ adds features to C# and VB that were quite openly borrowed from more “declarative” languages such as SQL and “functional” languages such as Haskell. This may give purists some heartburn, but we believe it will give mainstream developers lots of new power in a familiar package.”
“[GigaOM Interview: Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corp.](” “So I’m not going to make any excuses for downtime. We need to develop more and better application design patterns that we give to developers that let them develop mesh-oriented apps at birth, horizontal apps that can suffer massive failures of certain aspects of their infrastructure, while still surviving.”