Really, really in Word 2007!

Is there some relaxation for me in these days of poverty, war and competition? Here is a little something from my word processor machine: This is the most comfortable relationship I have had with Microsoft Word since before the macro virus scandal broke in the late 1990s.

Customized Word 2007 Interface

For me—that is, me, an isolated individual—Microsoft Word is a much better tool for my lifelong work with words. As for social-networking my interest in Microsoft Word, my nerd-buddy prospects are slim!

Buy this Book at!The image above shows my custom command button Insert Custom XML. This command should have been developed years ago. Instead of trying to force Word 2007 to properly store and insert Quick Parts with my custom XML, it is better to just write a few generic macros to insert, say, an acronym element or my product image “micro-format” (the product image at right of The TeXbook is written automatically by Microsoft Word) based on delimited in IRibbonControl.Tag data. Each button in the menu shown above has its little tag that drives a macro to write custom XML exactly the way I want it! (Note for other macro virus victims: you can store macros in Normal.dotm and run them without being abused by security prompts. Since you only have one place like this store VBA code, keep it generic, terse and elegant. Reserve the big, complex stuff for a managed VSTO solution.)