Nokia E71 Walkthrough and other links…

Yes, I sat through this somewhat time-consuming Nokia E71 walkthrough on Myself looks at myself in a daze just gazing in a blur at the computer phone.

“Build an Atom PC”

I have not been interested in visualizing my next PC since computers first got hot—with CPU and GPU heat that is… This Extreme Tech article, “Build an Atom PC,” fills me with renewed focus.

“Building Tiny, Ultra Low Power PCs”

Jeff Atwood: “In previous posts, I’ve talked about building your own desktop PC, and building your own home theater PC. I’m still very much in love with that little HTPC I built. Not only does it have a modern dual-core CPU, and fantastic high-definition capable integrated video—it’s an outstanding general purpose media sharing server, too.”


Sun Microsystem’s open source response to Virtual PC and VMware is VirtualBox. Blog posts like these seem buzz worthy: “VMWare to VirtualBox” and “Stunning OpenSolaris running on VirtualBox.”