Without My Unwelcome Help, You will Never Find Fumi in That Janet Jackson Video

It is quite pleasing to see the talented and inspiring Fumi Bankole in total command of her Blog, The Mood Stone. Fumi joins a sisterhood of fiction authors turned Blog writers currently in my mutable roll:

Fumilayo Bankole in Janet Jackson's GOT 'TIL IT'S GONE

What about her childhood friend, the mother of my third child, Tasha? Can you see Tasha?

Tasha Thomas in Janet Jackson's GOT 'TIL IT'S GONE

Tasha Thomas in Janet Jackson's GOT 'TIL IT'S GONE

Was my unwelcome help helpful? It takes a lot of teenage, VHS-era, porn-viewing skills to rewind and freeze frames—not many girls learn how to do this outside of an editing bay. You see, my romantic wolf cubs, non-alpha-males are actually useful!

Now let’s get not-so-personal and be a little more cultural. I took another still from the Janet Jackson video. My viewing of this video, by the way, is from the excellent Mark Romanek compilation, Director’s Series Vol. 4. This still, here in the rasx(), is more than just Janet’s eye candy:

Janet Jackson's GOT 'TIL IT'S GONE

This more-than-beautiful image represents my view of the ancient concept of understanding. You see, my ancient-home-blood friends (my friends not of the wolf pack), when you understand you stand under the water falling from the sky. When you make water be the symbol for thought, then water pouring over your head to caress your face represents your newly-acquired understanding, absorbed by the countenance of your being. When you look toward me after the water moistens your face, your eye will be filled with the water of wisdom and I will see you, my woman, as one of thought as well as one of a super-fine-chocolate body.

What’s the “big deal” about the sky and the water representing understanding? Well, you asking this question means (like me) you are a child of empire and (like me) you do not really know where real food grown by real agricultural peoples comes from…

By the way, Fumi Bankole is here in the kinté space in:


ed, 2008-12-06 03:35:48

The Janet Jackson video brought back memories of Samuel Fosso photographs that I enjoyed so much.

I find the blogs/sites of these writers to be docile and play it safe - I think it is a lot of hungry up and coming writers who are learning to be engaging on their blogs to attract people to their books.