Today’s Food with Poison and Acid

Mercado del Puerto The words poison and acid are my new keywords related to eating for personal power. Yes, watch my words: eating for personal power. Left to our childish unconcern (sponsored by billions of corporate dollars) we will eat for our personal pleasure—and our simple, childish way will lead us to assume that eating for anything else except for pleasure leads to “bad-tasting” food.

So the strong word poison is easily associated with eating for personal pleasure. And when we see this word ‘poison’ we have to see the modifier acute as well. When poison is dramatized in the movies we are mostly seeing acute poison—‘acute’ means “having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course.” It follows that our modern-child mind will not recognize poison when it is not so dramatic.

What is worse is when we start to construct sophisticated intellectual/emotional cages to explain away why we feel (or don’t feel) so “good” when the problem could be poisoning. I have already identified the great American poison, fructose, in a previous post. But, since I still regard myself as a poet, what I’ll do next is deliberately confuse the term allergen with poison. This allows me to unify what I consider to be false distinctions and list a few subtle, everyday signs of poisoning through eating:

  • You find yourself clearing your throat consistently because mucous continually appears after eating a specific thing.

  • You find yourself sniffing and/or blowing your nose consistently because mucous continually appears after eating a specific thing.

  • Others tell you that you seem to incorrectly identify extreme temperatures (too cold or too hot).

  • You manage to discover that your mood shifts are related to eating.

  • You are ‘aware’ of circulation in your body—especially in the legs and the intestines.

  • You begin to notice skin reactions (pimples, rashes, tingling) associated with a meal.

  • You have diarrhea.Since I am by far not a nutrition/health expert, I will mention the big simple things related to reducing poisoning. Sadly, these big simple things are very radical and unwelcome in the mainstream:

  • Reduce quantities of everything you are eating. A simple rule is to look at what you are eating and ask yourself a simple question, “Can I take this portion and put it inside my body right now?” I’m not talking about your stomach, my fellow Americans, I am talking about fitting this thang inside your torso!

  • Mix domesticated and synthetic food-like substances with wild food. Do you know that what you are eating can grow wild (without any human intervention)? This big, simple thing is very, very hard to do without research and education—ask your grand folk what they ate. What is actually “wild” about the Wild West? Have you ever seen a wild chicken or cow?

  • Drink more water. Water will dilute and help move out poison.

  • Eat small bits of carbon (charcoal) because they bind to poisons. Some toast with burnt edges might save your life (a bit). Cajun style, anyone?Not eating poison sounds like a simple thing. But people will spend the rest of their lives drinking coffee—and are very passionate about it. Most people who are nationalists have a modern nationalist diet. The foundation of their identity is deeply invested in what I would consider poison—so there is some advantage to being of a people without a “nationality.” Have you ever tried to eat in modern Uruguay? You find very effective, down-to-earth facts about a people when you study the history of their food supply. You should find evidence of a temporary solution to famine turned into a permanent something to eat, colonialism, conquest, war…

Alien Warrior Acid

Here in the rasx() context, the poison part of eating is the simple stuff. For me, reacting to acid in the blood from eating is still a sketch work in progress. For me, the acidifying of the blood is a very subtle, refined, cultured phenomenon to recognize. But, again, let’s start simple. Let’s answer the smart-ass question, “Why should I care about acid blood?” The answer is that eventually your body (which deeply cares) will hit you with one (or more) of these (in decreasing order of subtlety):

  • A general, subtle baseline of non-relaxation as you slowly cook year after year in acid blood
  • Coarse hair and (for people of African descent) ‘weakened’ complexion problems
  • Strange glowing/burning feelings in the upper/arms thighs
  • Annoying but stupid pains in the joint of the big toes
  • Bowels passing with a burning sensation—even when spicy things were not eaten
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Walking about with a stoop

In “Flippant Remarks about Dr. Sebi” and “Sketching out Solutions to a Few Dr. Sebi Problems” I am clearly showing very elementary attempts to deal with this issue. Here are a few super-duper basics as I (with my over-forty ass) get started:

  • Just drinking a lot of water is not “good” enough. The water needs some rocks! Minerals, foo! So for those of us who still depend on bottled water (another tragedy in and of itself) at least pay for “electrolyte enhanced” bottled water. For those of us who take ancient African Deep Thought seriously, we remind ourselves that the first part of us water and the second part of us is bone (stone). Even the white-lab-coat science measures this by weight. So until we can dip a handmade bowl into a rocky, fresh stream, get the “electrolyte enhanced” bottled water.
  • Black people need to eat wild greens! It’s green and it can grow wild. The green means alkaline (mostly)—and it also means chlorophyll (which is related to melanin I’m told). Wild means my Lord and your God approves of it. Impress your European friends by eating their organic, indigenous heritage: kale! Get your post-modern soul food thang on with mustard greens!
  • Having acid blood simply must have an impact on personality. Ah, the irony is rich in “sweet people” who poo-poo bitterness while having acidic blood the whole damned time! People who might be quick to accuse another of “over thinking” may themselves be coming up with convoluted reasons why they feel the way they feel when the problem could be as drop-dead simple as a lack of water and too much acid in the blood.Remember, only the Alien has acid blood—and the sad, poetic message is that the Alien was played by a guy in a suit—a tall, African guy. But seriously, folks, a running undercurrent is here in this message: subtlety. Most young, strong American kids from infants to 30 year olds may have deep issues with subtlety. I went for years before I got tired of sniffing around mucous and noticed pains in my joints. Having serious personal problems and “recreational” drug use will make it all the more harder to pick up the true, quiet grace of your body as it says in so many ways, “Hey… stop.”


David L. Grant, 2009-09-17 18:20:54

Hey, Bro'

After having Dr. Sebi as a guest on a radio show I used to produce years ago, I became devoted to the idea of seeking out greens I didn't yet know and trying them, the closer to ancient strains, of course, the better. While in Ghana a couple of years ago, I tried and immediately fell deeply in love with a wild green called, in the Ewe language, nkontumire. The widely familiar "palava" sauces of West Africa have many names, and many different greens are used as the base, but I know from experience that as far as my body is concerned, there's no substitute for nkontumire. Maybe it's because my people are Ewe from Ghana's Volta region (I found them through a DNA match. The story's on my blog, so my connection with this wild green must run long and deep. I have no idea whether or not there are farmers' markets somewhere on this side of the Atlantic where one can buy it fresh, but I've found it canned (ouch) in West African markets. If you or any of your readers have friends or contacts from Togo or the southeastern corner of Ghana (Anlo State), ask and see if anyone grows this green here in the U.S. It's wonderful stuff and worth the search!

Peace, D

rasx(), 2009-09-17 21:02:30

Hey, great info! I am checking this out: