Today’s Google Starred Items: “India approves caste-based census”

Etiological Epidemiology- K.M.Venkat NarayanBBC News: “But critics say caste is the most regressive feature of Indian society; that it is repressive, reinforces hierarchy and breeds inequity.” Here in the rasx() context, the caste-based census is no different from the race-obsessed North American census.

“New superbugs spreading from South Asia: study”

Yahoo! News: “Researchers said the bugs had been brought into Britain by patients who travelled to India or Pakistan for cosmetic surgery. …The emergence of these new drug-resistant strains could become a serious global public health problem as the major threat shifts toward a broad class of bacteria—including those armed with the NDM-1 gene— known as ‘Gram-negative’, the researchers warn.”

“Westerners’ gut microbes make them sick”

Mark Frauenfelder: “Researchers compared the intestinal microbes of healthy children in Burkina Faso with those of healthy Italian children and found that the African kids had significantly more bacteria associated with lean people and less bacteria associated with obese people. …Studies have also shown that those same fatty acids help protect the intestines from inflammation, which could explain why inflammatory bowel disease is almost unheard of in African communities that eat high-fiber diets…”

“Kombucha war brewing between food regulators and fermenty beverage makers”

Xeni Jardin: “The SF Weekly notes the trend of increasing FDA regulatory scrutiny around the fermented beverage known as kombucha, because some commercial preparations can contain trace amounts of naturally occurring alcohol (say, .4 or .5 percent, compared to 5% in a light beer). Reader Michael Robbins, who sends in this link, adds, ‘Sadly, all my Kansas stores have pulled my daily drink from the shelves because of the new regulations. Have to go back to home brewing this treat.’”

Visual Economics: “Food Consumption in America”

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“How to Legally Refuse to Participate in the Census Survey”

Truth is Treason: “When I receive the American Community Survey form, I will return it with a cover letter.  The letter will simply state that since the Constitution established a federal government of limited enumerated powers and that document does not grant them the general power to request the information, I am under no constitutional obligation to provide it.”