Doing “Leather and Lace” Doing “Leather and Lace”

My homeboy R/Kain Blaze is shooting (with his camera) for this terrestrial project, “Leather and Lace”—he’s got a rather molecular Blog post on this deal entitled “InstaPinhead.” It is more of rant against text messaging than talking about his work as a motion and still photographer.

I admit that I have done some things this year with texting that my homey would find pathetic—but any record of this behavior stands as testimony of how much I am willing to ‘compromise’ with the younger generation (specifically, the females of the younger generation). I have to put ‘compromise’ in quotes because I am sure that these young folks on the receiving end of what I am calling ‘compromise’ would laugh out loud (LOL).

I am pleased in very ghetto way that the two mothers of my two youngest children are finally using text messaging to organize childcare with me—these ladies are both older than me and I soberly appreciate their ability to ‘compromise’ with the 21st century.