Today’s Food: My Gluten-Free Burrito wrapped in Brazil and Ethiopia!

La Tortilla All-Natural Gluten Free Teff Tortilla

One of my most pleasant discoveries this year was a way gluten-free, rice-free way to return to the burrito because of the La Tortilla All-Natural Gluten Free Teff Tortilla. There are many gluten free wraps out there—but let’s not confuse gluten freedom with low-calorie “health food.” For me “gluten-free” implies the use of rice—bowls of rice refined into powder along with potato starch or tapioca flour (native to Brazil). This super-compaction of carbohydrates is not healthy—so when I see La Tortilla All-Natural Gluten Free Teff Tortilla leading with tapioca in the ingredients I am slightly disappointed. daiya shreds from wholefoods

My disappointment is overcome by the main ingredient, teff (native to Ethiopia). La Tortilla Factory also uses millet—yet another African staple. I am curious as to how this product was developed! It’s like it was made just for me—a tasty mixture of the old world and the new world!

Now, —yum… I make my burritos with one of the most carb-intensive and tasty vegan cheeses on the market, Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds (with more tapioca flour). I also must use a tomatillo-based salsa with organic refried beans—preferably black beans.