Today’s Food: Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn

One of the should-be stereotypes about the descendants of North-American slavery is that our women are always cooking and farming—which is exactly why some evil folk would want to steal us and force us do those nutritional things for them. The power of ‘urban consciousness’ and two consumer revolutions (one in the 1950s and another in the 1980s) make such stereotypes about green-thumb, healing Black women laughable—no: when you find any kind of healing Black woman these days we should be deeply motivated to sing her praises. So I am deeply motivated to sing the praises of Azzizah Rahim of the Leimert Park community business collective, Back 2 Kemet. Azzizah's Herbal Green Popcorn

My daughter was the first one who let me know about Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn—because my daughter wanted to eat some! We wiped out our first bags at our community icon, Simply Wholesome. I know how my body reacts whenever it consumes something powerful and healthy for the first time (later it acclimates and the drama lessens)—with Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn it was Black Love at first bite! You see, kids, there used to be an old saying from when I was young, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” You take that old saying and hook it up with the science—that each year every cell in the human body is regenerated—this regeneration process is fueled by food. It follows that when you are eating someone’s (healthy) food they are participating in the regeneration of your body. When your body is viewed as a “temple” then the ones you take food from become sacred. I will likely never meet Azzizah but I consider her a sacred person because her food ‘speaks’ to me!

You should always find Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn at Simply Wholesome but I have also seen it here in Los Angeles at Erewhon Natural Foods. You can also order it direct in gallon bags from Back 2 Kemet.