“Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life” and other Tweeted Links…

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Poorer men are being driven out of full-time work. Here’s why | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Crime in Chicago and America’s Policing Crisis - The New Yorker []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Thousands fleeing to Senegal amid Gambia crisis [] #GambisHasDecided

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Protesters march against Dakota Access Pipeline at Pershing Square | [] []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Cambodia's Deadly Politics - 101 East []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] In 2017, I’ve turned basic mental health into a competitive game - The Verge []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, when a Euro-American tells you they have “Dutch” ancestry, they probably have German instead… #WWI , #WWII

the kinte space [KinteSpace] How the Young Are Indoctrinated to Obey [] []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] The jobs that really smart people avoid - The Washington Post []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Worth Long: Leader in the Arkansas SNCC-Affiliate Staged Sit-ins at Woolworths & Walgreens | Black Then []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Albert Einstein Explains How Slavery Has Crippled Everyone's Ability (Even Aristotle’s) 2 Think Clearly About Racism []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] One of the most dramatic moments of scholarlship history was when Diop was refused a melanin test [] => @Blaque_Madonna

the kinte space [KinteSpace] A Forgotten Adventure With a Telepathic Tribe []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Education for Death: The Making of Nazi--Walt Disney's 1943 Propaganda Film Shows How Fascists Are Made []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Willi Smith: One of the Most Renowned Black Fashion Designers in History | Black Then [] => @khemenutwilhite

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, you assume Europeans dragged millions of incompetent, fat, unskilled, dim Africans across the ocean for hundreds of years?

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Does the Multiverse Solve or Create Problems? [] => @Nalo_Hopkinson, @ImModernAfrican ,@TheHeruNetwork

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Japanese Spacecraft Spots Massive Gravity Wave In Venus' Atmosphere - Slashdot []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Cassettes Are Back, and Booming - Slashdot [] » @megafunkmega, @DrokTHEmenace, @MrChuckD

the kinte space [KinteSpace] US Puts Bumblebee On the Endangered Species List For First Time - Slashdot []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Facebook's Building 8 working on telepathic 'communication platform of the future' - Business Insider [] » @YvetteDC

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Blaqspot update and the DRAMA they DEALING with DAILY [] <= @DarialClewis, +TheTrueRoyalFamily

the kinte space [KinteSpace] BlackRock's Robot Stock-Pickers Post Record Losses - Bloomberg []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] China has built the world’s largest bullet-train network | The Economist []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] On Being and Tech's Moral Reckoning @anildash []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Spurn the computer game industry - Naughty Computer []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] young bruh, micro-dosing with LSD competes with your natural-born neuromelanin

BRITTLE PAPER [brittlepaper] Wole Soyinka on Race, Divisive Rhetoric, and the American Political Climate [] []

Nnedi Okorafor, PhD [Nnedi] Don't think you know the Kindred graphic novel just because you read the book. Nope! It's something else built atop Octavia's magic.

Tadias Magazine [TadiasNews] Meet Lina Getachew Ayenew, Author of First Chinese-Amharic Language Guide [] []

[Rapha'el [SiriusSunBeing]]( "Rapha'el [SiriusSunBeing]") ...Eritrea - 1912 []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] An Introduction to Confucius' Life & Thought Through Two Animated Videos | Open Culture []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] “Spider the Artist” by Nnedi Okorafor @Nnedi read by Aminat Badara @09_Eleven [] on @StarShipSofa #465 => @RowenaMonde

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Arthur Jafa’s Crucial Ode to Black America - The New Yorker []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] Nigerian Supernatural Thriller Classic ‘The Figurine’ Revisited (Pan African Film Festival, Feb 15) – Shadow and Act []

the kinte space [KinteSpace] The Man Who Knew Infinity Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons Movie HD - YouTube [] #Ramanujan

Smithsonian Magazine [SmithsonianMag] Before @HiddenFigures, there was a rock opera about @NASA's human computers. []