Beware of Waste Products Sold as Health Products

by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

I’ve been on the health scene for a while now to know all the nefarious activity going on within the health arena by companies who are promoting and selling products under the guise of health products when it reality they are promoting and selling nothing but waste products.

Many manufacturers and health companies know that many people have a desire to be healthy and are taking steps to actually become healthy, however, like I always say, the key to becoming and/or being healthy is consciousness, i.e. health conscious. Consciousness means to be aware and when you are health conscious you are aware pertaining to your health and on many different levels, i.e. mental health, spiritual health, emotional health, and physical health.

When you are health conscious, you are also aware of the overall health of the citizens of your country, the overall health of the country’s children, the health of our great planet, the health of wildlife on the planet, and the health of the overall ecology.

To be healthy, you must study and research everything! If not, you may be swindled and under the banner of health or that you bought and consumed something you thought was healthy though it contained waste byproducts and was therefore toxic and unhealthy.

While I am unable to name every single waste product within this article, I will name a few of them for purposes of your dietary and nutritional edification.

Products that I know for a fact are waste product include:

Soy Lecithin

Day 351: Bought Non-GMOd Food

Soy lecithin is touted as a healthy product. We hear how lecithin is necessary for optimal health (which is true), but the lecithin in the body is not the same lecithin derived from soy. Soy products are manufactured products stemming from the soybean, which really has just as many industrial uses as food uses. Because so many people are into eating soy these days, soy is one of the most genetically engineered products on the planet today and highly manufactured things have a great waste byproduct turnout and soy is one of them.

MSG (mono sodium glutamate), a harmful chemical known to cause headaches and traditionally found in foods served at Chinese restaurants, is a soy byproduct. So is Vitamin E in capsule-pellet form and soy lecithin.

Women should be aware of soy isoflavone products too, which are being touted for female hormonal health. Soy isoflavone is touted as a source of beneficial female estrogen, but soy isoflavone is also a byproduct of the soy industry. The soy industry is making money on waste byproducts. Anything that is processed technically is not a food. Food is not concocted. It is not manufactured. It is not cooked. Food is alive and is in its natural state, like fruit for example.

And though I’d choose soy and eat soy any day over meat (dead, slaughtered animal flesh or carrion) and dairy (liquid-based dead animal flesh or carrion), food-based soy products such as Tofu, Tempeh, and TVP (textured vegetable protein) should only be eaten sparingly and only as a so-called transitional food.

Keeping it real, soy is an industrial product used for a plethora of things, such as paint, ink, gloss (to make magazine papers shiny), and certain forms of plastic.

Now while I may agree with Sally Fallon and the Weston B. Price foundation in what she/they say and teach about soy products, however, in no way like the W.B.P Foundation and Fallon will I use the ploy of soy as an excuse to go back to the traditional U.S. diet that utilized butter and other dairy products, eggs, and meat as alleged sources of nutrients.

I am an advocate for animal rights! It is time for humans to leave the animals alone, which is necessary for spiritual ascension. If you love eating flesh, since humans are superior to animals (as many believe), why not just start eating human flesh like the theme of the 1970s movie Soylent Green? You could simply eat your own flesh, or that of your wife or mate, your children, your neighbors, etc. Flesh is flesh, right? Don’t meat-eaters like quality and superior meats? You’d have to agree that human meat is far superior to animal meat because humans are smarter than animals, right? You see, the thought of eating your own or some other human’s flesh repulses you, but not when it comes to thinking about the poor helpless animals you have been conditioned to eat here in the U.S. like a good little slave.

You eat pig meat (pork), cow meat (beef), chicken, turkey, and hen meat; sheep meat (lamb); fish and crustacean flesh, but you don’t eat snake meat, or porcupine meat, or skunk flesh. Why? Because you have not been conditioned to eat these types of animal flesh.

In the U.S., you don’t eat dog or cat meat, but why not? Cats and dogs are animals too! They have flesh. You see, you eat the meat you have been conditioned to eat.

Cod Liver Fish Oil


Cod liver fish oil is a waste byproduct of the fishing industry. Cod liver oil is some greatly toxic stuff. Remember, the liver in any animal is a filtering organ. The filter is always polluted due to performing its task. How can a dead fish’s liver help you? The oil from the liver of a fish is genetically designed to benefit the structure of the fish, not a human being.

It is far better to consume land or plant-based sources of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9) such as black current seed oil, hemp seed oil, borage oil, flax seed oil, black seed oil, and evening primrose oil instead of the foul-smelling fishing industry waste byproduct cod liver fish oil.

And beware of other sources of liver oil such as beef liver oil. Your edible oils should be derived from plant-based sources.

Whey Protein

Another serious toxic byproduct is whey protein, a byproduct of the dairy industry. Whey is milk protein that is discarded from the production of cow milk, a serious toxin to the human body. You can commonly find whey protein in your commercial brand health food stores and local gyms and fitness centers. The dairy industry targets athletes for their whey protein byproduct; perhaps figuring athletes generally are not the brightest individuals. Regardless, whey protein has no business in the human body. It is a waste byproduct and toxin to the human body. Beware of all those protein bars and beverages containing whey. The dairy industry, like all other byproduct waste industries, are using people as trash dumpsters and canisters to rid itself of waste that would otherwise cost it millions of dollars to dispose of.

Freeze-Dried Animal Organ

Another kind of waste byproduct many uninformed and allegedly informed individuals are buying and consuming is freeze-dried animal organ, i.e. freeze dried prostate, freeze-dried ovary, and freeze-dried uterus. Now the question an intelligent person would ask is: whose uterus or prostate (or from where)?

I did the research myself back in the late 1990s and called a major company that produced freeze-dried products and a company rep told me the organs were derived from animal sources, chiefly cows, oxen, and horses. Now how in the world can consuming the pulverized reproductive organ or gland from an innocent and helpless animal that has been made into a pill or capsule, help the reproductive gland or organ of a human being? Logically and common sensibly, it just doesn’t compute, well, at least not to me.

What did the animal do and/or eat in its lifetime in order to have such a healthy reproductive organ or gland to the point where man has to come along and cut it out and pulverize it and consume it him or herself for the health of his/her own reproductive organ(s) and system?

Beware of freeze-dried organ products! Today they are derived from dead animals. Tomorrow they may be derived from dead human beings.



Many brands of melatonin are derived from or contain waste product, in some cases, from the remains of dead humans (mostly pineal glands of deceased Black people and Black aborted fetuses). A friend of mine who’s an employee of a hospital in Los Angeles confirmed this startling information to me.

The human remains (organs) industry is a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the process of human transplant surgery and the human transplant industry where organs are taken from dead people or people who have just recently died and are transplanted into living people like what was seen in the Denzel Washington movie John Q where his sick son received a heart from a woman who had just been killed in a car wreck.

Organ donoring is a major business, especially here in the U.S.

Some brands of melatonin are 100% chemically made. Ask yourself, if melatonin is a hormone naturally produced (and secreted) in the human body and naturally secreted from the pineal gland, how do we end up with melatonin in the form of a pill or capsule? How come we have to take that which is naturally produced in the body, in the form of a pill?

The pineal gland is the portal of the soul. The human soul leaves the body via the pineal gland in death and while astral traveling and dreaming.

The pineal gland of a person is also imprinted with the energy of the person. People impress their organs with their energy (thoughts, behaviors, etc.) and if those organs get inside your body they will also impress you. This is a fact and has been proven. Deepak Chopra talks about this on a CD with Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled Living without Limits.

If you wake up from transplant surgery with the transplanted heart of a man who loved to consume liver and drink beer, don’t be surprised if you start liking liver and beer and begin consuming them all the time after receiving your new organ.

I am not for the transplanting of any human organs due to understanding the metaphysical dynamics of the body’s organs. Human organs hold and store certain human emotions.

The liver holds anger. The pancreas holds bitterness and regret. The heart holds sorrow, jealousy, and grief. The kidneys hold fear. After considering the above, why would I want the organ of a stranger who may have been emotionally imbalanced to be transplanted into my body under the guise that the organ will save my life? If something is wrong with your organ or gland, why not just repair it? How come animals in the wild know how to take care of their organs and glands and thus never need or perform organ transplant surgery? This is something to think about!

Certain plants contain small traces of melatonin precursors, such as chamomile flower, and are safer and wiser to consume if you feel the need to consume outside sources for supplementation purposes.


Pancreatin is nothing but digestive enzymes from horses. I once unconsciously and unknowingly took this crap while I thought I was doing something healthy. You can’t claim to be vegan while simultaneously eating animal byproducts. You must do your homework or these manufacturers and companies out there will have you consuming all kinds of crap while you’re thinking you’re doing the right and healthy thing.

Many brands of digestive enzymes are derived not only from horses, but oxen (i.e. ox bile), sheep, pigs, and cows; all animals slaughtered for their flesh (oxen are slaughtered for their flesh, a la ox burgers).


This crap is derived from pig blood and pig brain and muscle tissue in some cases. Pigs are a great source of steroids and other things that bulk up the body. This is why Creatine is a favorite product of bodybuilders; many of who will do almost anything for the desired muscularly built and toned body.

Canola Oil

This is some very toxic stuff here! Canola seed oil was originally called rape seed oil. The original name alone should let you know the nature of this oil and why the name was changed.

Canola oil has been implicated in mad cow disease (via being added to the food stock of cows) and certain nervous system disorders of human beings. Canola oil causes damage to the myelin sheath, which is the protective covering over the nerves, and when this happens, the fibers of the nerves are exposed and a number of reactions can occur, i.e., shaking, trembling, fidgeting, etc.

Canola is a form of oil that I do not recommend people use for cooking purposes. It is in the category of other harmful oils such as peanut oil, soybean oil, palm kernal oil, and cottonseed oil. And just think, cotton is not even a food.


Chondroitan is a so-called health supplement that allegedly helps the joints of the body. However, what many people don’t know is that chondroitan is a waste by-product of the cow-beef industry. Chondroitan is derived from the pulverized windpipes or tracheas of slaughtered cows. How is pulverized cow windpipe (trachea) going to get into your human body and help your bones?

Again, chondroitan is waste by-product!


Glucosamine is another so-called health product espoused for joint health and care. However, most brands of glucosamine are derived from the pulverized bones of dead chickens!

The health of the chickens in general and the health of the chicken’s feet in particular are outright poor. The bones are blue in most cases due to lack of oxygenation due to lack of movement as these chickens are caged in wire cages where they cannot move around or walk in.

Glucosamine is a waste by-product of the chicken industry, which greatly profits off the meat, eggs, and feathers of innocent and helpless chickens.

For proper joint and bone care, one should consider consuming MSM Sulfur and herbs of Comfrey Root (great source of organic calcium), Amla (Indian gooseberry), and Devil’s Claw. At Dherbs.Com, we have an awesome product for the health of the joints and bones called ‘Joint Formula.’



Chitosan is a so-called health product derived from shells of certain crustaceans. Basically, chitosan is pulverized shells and shells have no business inside the human body.

Mona Vie Bottles

There’s a wonderful new product on the market these days called Mona Vie, made from the acai fruit (berry) and various other berries that tastes great and greatly benefits the body. I can drink one whole bottle per day of that stuff. I greatly like it. However, because they have two forms of it, a vegan form and a non-vegan form, I recommend the vegan form of Mona Vie because the non-vegan source contains chitosan, a waste byproduct which many think or believe is a good for health.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is found in many so-called health products as an “other ingredient.” It’s an additive! Additives are added to products to cut the volume of actual active ingredient or ingredients, especially in herbal formulations.

Magnesium stearate offers no health benefits whatsoever. It is derived from the pulverized bones of slaughtered cows, oxen, pigs, and horses; but mainly oxen. You would probably know this if the name were spelled “steerate” (steer-ate) rather than “stearate” as you know ‘steer’ refers to a young ox. The letter ‘a’ in stearate throws you off; but this probably wouldn’t happen if the letter ‘a’ was left as an ‘e.’

At Dherbs.Com we use absolutely no additives, fillers, binders, or preservatives in our products. You get 100% pure herb, our intention (maximum healing), and love! And this will never change! We put human beings before profit!

Emu Oil

Emu oil is oil derived from the emu and used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

emu |'em(y)oo| |?im(j)u| |?i?mju?| noun. a large flightless fast-running Australian bird resembling the ostrich, with shaggy gray or brown plumage, bare blue skin on the head and neck, and three-toed feet. Dromaius novaehollandiae, the only member of the family Dromaiidae.

It’s sad and unfortunate that emus have to be killed and/or robbed of precious oil that is in their bodies for THEIR benefit. Humans would not have to use Emu Oil if they properly ate the right or correct foods and lived more in tune with Nature and her laws.

Emu Oil is for emus, not humans. Humans could prevent inflammation in their body (especially joints) if they refrained from eating acid-forming foods that create negative or detrimental mucus, which in turn results in inflammation (burning). Because that’s what acid will do to your skin: burn it!

There are many more waste products that could be added to this article but I have covered some very well known waste byproducts for your health edification.

Carbon, also known as activated charcoal is derived from burnt plant matter, usually from the wood of the willow bark tree (Salix alba). Carbon is highly electrical and negatively charged and thus greatly pulls toxins and pollutants out of the body. Carbon carries toxins (including heavy metal toxins) 2,000 times its own weight out of the body.

In closing, I would like to cover a few beneficial byproducts.

Carbon (Activated Charcoal)

Carbon, also known as activated charcoal is derived from burnt plant matter, usually from the wood of the willow bark tree (Salix alba). Carbon is highly electrical and negatively charged and thus greatly pulls toxins and pollutants out of the body. Carbon carries toxins (including heavy metal toxins) 2,000 times its own weight out of the body.

It is the only natural substance you could give to a person who has overdosed on a chemical to prevent them from dying. This is why I recommend that carbon be in the house of every health conscious individual. It should also be in every natural first-aid kit (along with cayenne pepper, essential oil of tea tree, aloe vera gel or juice, arnica, hydrogen peroxide, and herbs of goldenseal and Echinacea).

Carbon is one of the most powerful substances on the Earth. Nothing whitens teeth better than carbon. You simply place a little natural toothpaste on your toothbrush, dip it into your container of carbon, and then brush away, rinsing the mouth with water.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is a byproduct of the commercial bread industry that delights in selling the people white refined bread. Bread, wheat bread, is naturally brown in color due to the germ that is called ‘wheat germ.’ When processing the bread (which causes vital nutrients to be lost), the germ is removed. The nutrients are contained in this germ that is unwisely removed simply to make the bread white. White bread is totally void of nutrition (nutrients). That’s why on your bags of white refined breads you’ll see the words ‘fortified’ or ‘enriched’ written on them. They have to add the nutrients back to the finished product (white bread) but their folly is that in adding the nutrients back to the bread, the added nutrients are synthetic and not natural, so therefore the white bread is not only void of nutrients, but is also very toxic. White bread is more mucus forming than regular unrefined wheat bread.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

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