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Subj: As usual, I’m impressed by your website…
Date: 96-12-31 13:06:47 EST
From: (James Poulakos)

…esp. Songhai’s poetry. But it’s the look of your website, of course, not the content, that I’m congratulating you for. Still, the content’s what makes it worth visiting for. Of all the trueSpacers’ web sites, you’re my fave because of what you choose to apply your skills to. I dig it.


Subj: Re: Nijinski
Date: 96-08-23 03:46:43 EDT
From: Josuf
To: Wilhite213

Thanks. If you want to know anything, anything about Nijinski please please write to me as it helps me to understand. The name of my book I think I will call “The Need to be Crazy” or something like that. I believe it to be a natural process as enlightenment is.

Unfortunately, unfortunately people ( I believe ) are often so terrified of anything that would betray how they’ve limited their life that someone whose mind has started to encompass a more free understanding becomes a threat to them. Anything that doesn’t make sense to them is a threat. An artist as he or she grows allows just the opposite. An artist can allow something which doesn’t make sense to become what it truly is as part of nature. Then it does make sense but first is has to be given the freedom to not have to make any sense. The conscious mind and how it is taught to control things and be safe gets in the way of this freedom all the time. Nijinski brought this out to the extreme. Yet even in his tirades and anger he was always honest. He never manipulated people or lied to them or tried to get something out of them in a contrived way.

Maybe the difference between a crazy person and a “sane” person is that a crazy person never lies intentionally. He’s not dishonest enough to be “sane,” not clever enough to fool people and too natural to become dead while still alive.

When a mind starts waking up and it is greeted with fear, ridicule, judgmental analyses and lies it can be a very discouraging thing. Many many people just give up and turn part of their mind off to the world which won’t accept them. This happened to Nijinski. That mind can heal though.

If you have any questions about Nijinski please ask.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The previously released “Night in Nijinsky” will be revised and released in 1997 (unless, of course I go crazy).


Saturday, July 06, 1996 8:20 PM
<<Microsoft Exchange>>

Dear friends and colleagues!

This is just a note to let you know that I recently published a book of poems, _Artery Lumen_, by dint of winning a poetry contest. I thought that you might like to see it (and perhaps give me your impressions?). Unfortunately, I have already run out of complementary copies and can’t at the moment afford to buy another batch directly from the publisher, but I would very much like you to see the book; here is no profit for me in the sales, except that more people will get to know my stuff. Who knows, you might like the little guy!
The price is $6 in North America, $7 (US) overseas, and that includes shipping and handling. To order, please send a check or money order to

Barbara Matteau Editions
PO Box 381280
Cambridge, MA 02238, USA


Subj: Response
Date: 96-07-04 02:12:31 EDT
From: Josuf
To: Wilhite213, Josuf

I am glad that you respond to my input.

What I tell you is true that Romola was very controlling and jealous of her husband where as he only had a very pure attitude towards marriage.

There is a book about Nijinski by Peter Ostwald called A Leap Into Madness which has information about this although his information is limited and being a psychologist he highly favors analysing Nijinksi, making an object out of him and thus is a little into the same gig as Romola. Mr. Ostwald even finds it necessary to make a diagnosis of Nijinski more than thirty years after Nijinski is dead.

It is rather humorous to see these people analyse somebody who is basically so in touch with his own nature that they remain intangible to what Nijinski is. If nature were meant to be predictable,if you could fit it into a formula then it would not even be interesting anymore.

What is there to experience when you already know what is going to happen?

Nijinski was Nijinski, all these other people made an object out of him because they couldn’t be themselves and thought that there was some kind of hidden secret to it like some secret magical formula. With Romola it was the last straw. Everybody had used Vaslav as an object since he was a child. Vaslav was just looking for love. He thought that just the simple dream of having a wife and raising a family would bring him happiness but Romola just tried to use Vaslav as an object to bring her glamour.

Vaslav’s gift was not some secret way of attaining power and effect. It was based on his sincere respect, love and dedication to art. Art, a medium where in the simplest things of life become divine and are given credit for the part they play in that which is called human experience. Romola just wanted to use Vaslav as an object and when he and a bunch of friends talked about going back to Russia and living off the land like farmers to get back in touch with these simple things she had a big fit and reacted with hysterics until Vaslav relented to her wishes.

Vaslav did not know that people had all these complicated manipulative motivations going on, he only knew the simple things in life, the simple things which allowed him to be the artist that he was. He did not want to see this part in people because he did not want to judge them, he did not want to get stuck in the judgementalness which kept everything from growing.

In the end he believed himself that there was something wrong with his mind rather than having to see the painful reality of how people really were. That the love of life, the love of the state of being human which he put into his dancing, the joy was answered with an attempt to control it rather than accept it as something free.

On the stage he could be completely free and forget all the contrivances of communication which he had to adhere to in his environment outside of the actual art, the performance. He could actually be himself completely on stage as that phenomenon of nature which is human and which is the human spirit soaring free. That is of course a very exalted state of being and the mind is wide open. Then in real life he had to close it off? What is this all about?!

You can be an object for people at a distance, on the stage, but as soon as you are right there relating to them as part of what people call “real” life you have to inhibit and impair yourself otherwise… otherwise it is not real to them anymore. So in the end it was that Nijinski believed himself that there was something wrong with him rather than see what was really going on. If he believed that he was insane then he could retreat into that space which everybody said was unreal without being expected to be “real.” A very very sad retreat. That book which you are looking for in English about Vaslav has not been written yet. I will do that. You may publish this.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The previously released “Night in Nijinsky” will be revised and released in 1997 (unless, of course I go crazy).


Subj: links
Date: 96-06-27 20:05:54 EDT
From: (leslie & aimee)


I really LOVED your page. Very good stuff there. I’d like to run a link for it from my page. Please take a look at my site and let me know if you feel it appropriate.

Course I’d love a return link, but either way - I’d still like to list your site.

Thanks so much,
“Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.” Plath


Wednesday, June 19, 1996 2:13 AM
<<Microsoft Exchange>>

Hail Brother,

We are just starting our busiest time of the year - preparations for the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s largest street festival, which takes place on the UK’s August bank holiday, which this year is Sunday and Monday, 25 and 26 August.

Leading up to the weekend is a series of events and much work preparing costumes in the “Mas camp” and setting up sound systems. There is the London Calypso Tent, based at Yaa Asantewaa and organised by the Association of British Calypsonians. Our official Band launch takes place on 30 June in the presence of our designer Nazim Ali, a member of Peter Minshall’s Callaloo Company team from Trinidad, who are also doing the opening ceremony for the Atlanta Olympics.

We will be putting on a show by a visiting group of young South African entertainers. Traditionally, we also have the visit over Carnival of several hundred French people, mainly from the Paris region and many originally from Guadeloupe and Martinique. Wish you and yours were here, but we certainly will take a good look at website and give you our remarks.

Richard Gibson
Centre Director
Yaa Asantewaa Arts & Community Centre
“Home of black arts in London!”


Subj: Nijinski
Date: 96-05-31 02:48:58 EDT
From: Josuf
To: Wilhite213

I read your article. More than just the fact that Nijinski did not pass a test!

His wife was being unfaithful to him and lying to him about it.

Instead of telling him the truth she conspired with her friend who she was having the affair with (“ I am not happy with Nijinski”) and tried to suppress him by putting him on drugs which threw his so very delicate chemical balance out of whack ( and he was just starting to reach a knew level of himself ).

Yes I was very upset.


Thursday, May 23, 1996 6:39 PM
<<Microsoft Exchange>>


Thanks so much for responding so promptly to my request. Darryl told me about your web site a while ago, but my computer was so antiquated… I was so excited about finally seeing what he was going on about. Night in Nijinsky was pretty cool. I’ll see “Sweet Honey” somewhere now that I know it is PC only. I hope to meet you one of these days. I haven’t seen too much of Darryl lately… If you run into him sometime soon; tell him hello for me.

Thanks again,


Subj: Your page is DOPE!
Date: 96-05-11 03:35:55 EDT

This is Leon from E.Orange N.J.. Just browsing the blackness of the net and came across your page, I like the way your background looks, but you set it off with those gifs ripping through the cloth like that. My question is HOW did you do that?? I viewed the code thinking that maybe you had a CGI script in the background and found nothing. I am just getting started writing pages myself and I trying to find out all the tricks to making nice pages that you just don’t find in HTML books. So if you willing to share your secrets, I am willing to listen.



Subj: Thank you all…….
Date: 96-04-10 14:36:08 EDT
From: (Marie Nygren)

Thank you for taking the trouble to create very informative pages.

I write poems and am now currently working on an Interactive CD using my own works.

I agree with you regarding Authorware as I have used Authorware 3.0 and I find that it is a very easy Authoring tool to use .If you have any advice regarding my CD-ROM please do not hesitate toe-mail me at the above e-mail address (my girlfriend is studying and gets access to Internet) perfect me being Scottish *wink;*

Have a nice life and thanks again for the inspiration.

Dennis Joseph Fallen


Subj: Mailing List
Date: 96-03-20 23:12:50 EST
From: (Brenda Martin)


My name is Brenda. I enjoyed visiting your Kinte’ page on the Internet.

I would like to be included in your mailing list. Thank you and keep up the good work.


From: “Independent Television Service”
Reply-To: “Independent Television Service” <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 12:04:24 -0600


Just a note to let you know that the Independent Television Service (ITVS) has linked to your page from our site regarding the United States of Poetry…a five part public television series airing across the U.S. this month and next.

If you feel so inclined, this is an invitation to link back to our page which can be found at And please feel free to contribute to the Great American Poem which can be found at the bottom of that page. Spread The “Word”.

Best regards,
Suzanne Stenson Harmon
Manager of Outreach

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