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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 21:41:39 -0500
From: fish []
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Hey man, just checked out your work on—i dig it, you are dealing with difficult material, i live in Brooklyn and too many heads try that and it comes out contrite and pretentious, so much so that they play themselves. theres no substitute for the last poets and Gil Scott Heron, they laid the foundation now its up to people like yourself to take it further. Big up for the props you gave tricky on the message board, the majority of those knuckle heads dont know talent if it came up and bitem. Have you ever checked out Dr.Maddvibe—you know who i’m talkin about—the Missin LInk—Angelo Moore, from Fishbone. hes a good friend of mine for ten years now, check out if you havent my bredrin Gaston runs the site.

I work with Tricky, i did the artwork and layout of JUXTAPOSE, (art director). and all of the images and artwork on the website, the web company chose the small ass format, i wanted full screens, but you make the best with what ya got.

luv and mad respect




Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 04:45:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: kostya mitenev []
Subject: Re: Haley’s Comet: Thursday, July 22, 1999
To: Bryan Wilhite []

Dear Bryan Wilhite,

Thank you for your info.

I was impressed by the film about dinner and issue about travel to Moscow and SPb around Pushkin. You know, may be becouse russianland is out of common world wide ways and deep in her own etnics [ethnicity],but Black Culture is only Music-Art for russian (d.js.,jazz,dancers,rock-n-roll and so on) and the tradition went from Pushkin’s time. Becouse Poetry for 19 c. is equivalently Music for 20 c.

Best future now,
kostja mitenev/Bionet gallery


From: “MonaLisa Whitaker” []
Subject: Re: Haley’s Comet: Saturday, May 22, 1999
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 14:30:42 PDT

Bryan - Happy Tuesday! I read your essay on Mance Libscomb - very insightful. I’m glad you did it - it is very essential for us to keep putting out information about our music, arts, our lives! Thank you. Talk to you later tonight.


From: “John Lomax” []
Subject: Mance
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 22:43:53 PDT

Hello Brian,

Well it’s a small world! I was pleased to see somebody propping up Mance on the net, and as I read your essay on him, I was stunned to find that you are the nephew of a man I have met. I just took my wife to Etta’s to see Grady play last Sunday!

My grandfather was a good friend of Mance’s back in the early 60’s, and later helped finance the “Mance-umentary” “A Well-Spent Life,” which I hope you have had a chance to see. I myself have not seen it for many years. Also, have you read the book “I Say Me For A Parable,” by Mance and Alyn Jones? I think it is still in print, though I am not sure. It’s an autobiography taken directly from a series of tapes Jones made in the 70’s and transcribed in Jones’ approximation of Mance’s dialect. It is a feast of good things.

Anyway, glad to see Mance is still setting souls at ease lo these many years after his passing. He has been doing so for me as long as I can remember.

John Nova Lomax

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the rasx context: Mance Lipscomb. Check it out!


Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 10:40:14 -0700
From: stant []
Organization: SpokenWar

Dear Bryan,

How can I contact Roland? I give him credit as someone who cared enough about me to encourage me when I was just begining to write. Damn he was beautiful.

Roland and I were in Caffine’s first issue. We played bookends to Bukowski.

If nothing else, please tell him I think of him often and with great fondness. Tell him Poets, Ain’t Getting Paid, Ain’t Gettin’ Laid, is nothing less than an anthem.

Tell I miss him.

Greg Stant Editor SpokenWar Denver


EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the legendary Roland X. Check it out!


Date: 2/3/99 10:32:15 AM
From: “Tom Kellar” []
To: “Bryan Wilhite” []
Subject: Re: Published at the kinte space

Hello Mr. Wilhite,

someone like me (terminally fatalistic but never dissapointed) should never allow oneself to be pleased by the exhibition of one’s own work but I must confess that I find your presentation of my “stuff” to be quite good. Your Zine looks great. below is a brief bio. please feel free to use all, part, or none of it. (as you see fit)

Thom Kellar

Thom Kellar…43 years old…average Joe with some artistic inclinations…Poetry/Prose, Music, Art…(blah,blah,blah) considers his work to belong in the “Folk-Art” category No formal literary training to speak of…self taught…started writing seriously May of 98…sees writing as way of interjecting some creative contentment into an otherwise scattered and dysfunctional life… began by submitting to Ezines…his stuff has appeared “on line” courtesy a variety of Internet publications: Duct Tape, The Kettle Black, Pop Culture Detox, Neurotic Buffet, NYMM, Locust-Mag etc.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the work of Thom Kellar. Check it out!


Date: 2/1/99 6:30:34 PM
From: Mychele []
Organization: Mychele’s Creations
To: Bryan Wilhite []
Subject: Re: Haley’s Comet: Saturday, January 30, 1999

I know a Tom Kellar that has sent me some poetry. I assume he is a white guy…no wait, actually I know he is. I did some Internet snooping (pretty easy…went to the domain name in his email address) and got to see a movie file.

Anywoo, if you are looking for his Email, the Tom Kellar I know is at

He writes some bitchin’ stuff

See ya in the dark(tm)


Date: 1/26/99 4:20:21 PM
From: “jerry gant” []
Subject: Re: a few lines from jumpin jersey

peace my brother

good to know that you recieve my mail. it’s good to know that you’ll be out this way and you could rest assured that we always hold a spot for you. i’m quite sure that we will in touch long before july as far as getting some poetry to you would be no problem at all. however my skills as far as sending things over the net is just blossoming but not enough to get cocky so i’ll have to result in snail mail. so foward me some kind of address and i’ll have the poetry right to you.

it doesn’t suprise me that black folks can’t dig your site it’s always been that way for those of us with a critical vision. however there are those of us will swear on a bible that the gospel your camp be dropping will not go in vain. keep rocking on

so, until i hear from you, one love
jerry gant


Message-Id: []
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 03:36:08 EST
Subject: a few lines from jumpin jersey

i saw your ad in the freestyle magazine that i pick-up at tower records in the village and i said to myself that if this site is on any of the pages of freestyle it have to be on some straight-up non watered down vibes i’m a brother who share the passion of progression be it through the cultural tapestry of visualization, poetry, song or digital. however this just a few lines to make the connection with some brothers and sisters of the same like mind.

i host and produce a weekly poetry show that aired on the local cable show over here so far things have definitely grown over the last few years and that’s good considering that amiri baraka lives in newark he comes throught every so often to share his vibes an experience so little by little people are finding a greater need to be heard so that action will follow in our footsteps. And saying all of this is just my way of hoping that we can begin building some kind of working realationship be throught passing out some literature about your site or stickers

or anything else that i could do to let the heads on this side of track know what’s going on with kintespace so until i hear from you stay strong and focus my e-mail address is and on that note one

love jerry gant

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