My mother made sure that young Bryan Wilhite, me, was aware of public television—1970s public television. I took that seed and grew independently into strange programs in the authentically artsy 1980s like Alive from Off Center. Ever since the invention of the searchable Internet, I have been looking for a dance piece I saw on this program (I think) called The Jinx starring a dancer called Vain Vest.

It is very, very difficult to film dance such that the motion picture is part of the dance. According to my teenaged opinion, I was certain The Jinx achieved this. I have not seen this presentation since I was a child and I am looking forward to finding out what I think of now.

This ongoing search led me to a collection of digitized art pieces from this sadly unique program. It is sad because there should have been more and more of these programs for public consumption for other searching teenagers growing up after me.


ZappVid7 presents four items

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