Morning Walk in the Summer

©2009 Amduat
I move my groggy body across the flat landscape. The hot sun, too returns from it's slumber as it rises in the East.  I fades from it's color from a  rosey orange to yellow-white. I pay no mind to the cars rushing past me along the asphalt trail. The scent of gray-brown earth wafts in the cool, dry breeze. The desert plants celebrate the dry spring by blooming flowers colored white, yellow, and pink. Their scent can also be detected in those cool, dry winds. I stare at the foggy horizon, thinking about how much I had forgotten how beautiful the place I lived was.

The Iron Cage

©2009 Amduat
Inventions of man that bring great and terrible ruin

capable of shredding flesh, crushing bone, and draining blood

The inventions: vicious, beast-like machines

Young men: vigorous and naive

seal their fate on a smokey wasteland

rapid thunder and the cries of their fellow men can be heard

Mechanical birds of prey roar as they tear through the sky

And the robust iron beasts that growl like wolves tread over the deadly land with their long, deadly snouts

The stench of charred and rotting flesh, gun powder and blood sicken even the hardiest of men

Hell: lacking in a permanent location, it follows the damned

in their nightmares can be seen

the iron cage

Misty Bay

©2009 Amduat
I remember my town by the misty bay. It cradled by a belt of forest: morose and beautiful. The great sequoia, like ancient wise men who took an oath of silence, live to tell the tale of the woods. The brisk, wet mornings when mist, nearly droplets of rain, gently settle from the gray heavens to the earth. The cool, moist, gray-brown sands of the beach call out to me as I eagerly remove my shoes to feel them.
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