This presentation preserves a cassette tape recording of a 1991 report Angela Davis made to an audience at UC Santa Cruz. Without the aid of cease and desist threats from zealous censors, the assumption here is that this was broadcast on KZSC 88.1 FM over 10 years ago.

The recent news that Archbishop Desmond Tutu still calls for the prosecutions of the perpetrators of apartheid-era atrocities reminds me of how quickly “we” forget what was founded in the past. This presentation serves to remind us.

What is strange and worth mentioning about this speech by Angela Davis is that there is no mention of an “HIV-AIDS” crisis in South Africa. It is quite unnatural how Africans move so quickly from one crisis to the next.



Original Broadcast by . . . . . . . KZSC 88.1 FM

Words and Flow by . . . . . . . Angela Davis

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