I have been exposing my teenaged, virginal fascination with David Bowie on the Web since “Black Tie White Noise” (1998). For legal reasons alone, I would have never imagined that the day would come when I could watch David Bowie music videos leisurely on demand at any resolution for no additional cost. Even though my selections at YouTube.com can disappear at any moment, I have finally revised my imagination and present my long-time Bowie favorites.

Legal machinations aside, my intentions are to share with you my favorite music video of all time, “Ashes to Ashes,” why I call myself “the kinté space oddity,” some comedy from the Seu Jorge character and a possible glimpse at Luther Vandross (Bowie’s vocal arranger for the Young Americans project) on an old ’70s Tee Vee show. Let’s see what happens: It’s too late to be hateful. The European Man is here.


David Bowie TV presents “I’m Afraid of Americans,” “Ashes to Ashes,” “Life on Mars?” and “Space Oddity”

bloggocentricidades presents “Life On Mars (Seu Jorge)”

davidcantello presents “David Bowie with Luther Vandross (?) on Dick Cavett (1974)”

Presentation Design and Research by. . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite