Several of the selections chosen for this kinté space collection use low-resolution footage from John Dullaghan’s documentary Bukowski—Born Into This. I can only hope the hope of the captive that Mr. Dullaghan does not see more “wisdom of the crowd” as written by Bukowski here.

To me, not only is this little collection a quick, dirty and effective introduction to the poet and the violent man but it should point serious viewers toward the documentary (also available as Netflix streaming video). You can find my mini-review of the film and some unwanted comments about Bukowski in the rasx() context.


ToyboxdX presents “Bukowski: Poetry and Motion”

mojo4mojo presents “462-0614” and “The Secret of My Endurance”

Gottfried Geist presents “A Last Shot On Two Good Horses”

Elliot Smith presents “The Aliens”

scrapjam presents “dinosauria, we”

5mtl presents “Charles Bukowski kicking his soon to be fiancé”

Reano presents “The Genius Of The Crowd”

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