Because he is everywhere and I ain’t never there, I met Cauleen Smith through The Undefined, R/Kain Blaze. These brief meetings—oftentimes with me as a strange, unattractive, completely unknown Black man, showing up to her late-1990s Hollywood apartment riding shotgun with Blaze—eventually led me to news of her 1998 feature, Drylongso.

This award-winning film, her directorial debut, escapes me so far… I look forward to it in wide distribution… …however, her sci-fi film with an illegal selection from David Bowie’s Low on the soundtrack, The Changing Same (2001), impressed me with the attention to detail in the set design—a Cauleen Smith specialty. Once Ms. Smith secured an academic post at University of Texas, I simply assumed (based on certain styles of anachronistic Negritude that I point out way too frequently—and this pointing makes me quite unwelcome) that she would watch with delight and provide ‘distant’ encouragement as her film students played around with Not so.

We are delighted to present a Cauleen Smith motion picture, The Green Dress, in six parts on! According to the Tribeca Film Institute, “The Green Dress had a preview screening with clips from some of her other works at Arthouse at the Jones Center in Austin, Texas in November. The single-channel film is part of a larger experimental work that includes a six-monitor installation and a still photography component distributed on postcards.”


Visualization by . . . . . . . Cauleen Smith

Production for by . . . . . . . Roger Timm

Presentation Design and Research  by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite