ERIC CHAET, born Chicago, 1945. Challenging (to make it brief) family & schools, baseball, race riots. Factory, post office, warehouse, office jobs. University, civil rights & anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. Taught at various colleges & on Navajo Reservation. Hitchhiking several years. Stapled signs he’d silk-screened on cloth—with indignant male face & various sayings such as “YOU’RE LIKE ME IN THIS RESPECT—WHAT YOU DO HAS ITS EFFECT”—on utility poles along USA highways. Together with those posted by others (on 5 continents), more than 1,480 posted so far. LP album of songs, Solid and Sound, 1977. Books include Old Buzzard of No-Man’s Land (poems, 1974), How to Change the World Forever for Better (philosophy, 1990, 2nd edition 1994), and People I Met Hitchhiking on USA Highways (fiction/philosophy, 2001). To earn money, does first one thing, then another—rarely what he expected to do, rarely what he is good at when he starts at it. Likewise, he now struggles to maintain an old house in Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife, Irritable Saint Brenda.


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