David Wilhite is my little brother, currently based in Atlanta, GA. We are both the son of a preacher behind closed doors who appeared in public only as a deacon of Baptist churches all over Los Angeles. So we both got the closet preacher in us. Couple that with need for precision by our father who is also a retired aircraft mechanic. We are the son of man who went from lawnmower engines aircraft engines so it should be no surprise that his sons would go from planetary snacks to galactic meals—and strive for full, universal meal.

These two excellent spoken word pieces in streaming audio, “Distant Star” and “The Divine Word,” captures this strong root and marks a great beginning for this young brother. Little brother, I am looking forward to more constructive work from you!


Words, Flow and Sound Production by . . . . . . . David Wilhite

Online Audio Post-production by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite

Interface Design and Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite