JUNE EDMONDS is a professional fine artist. Her career spans almost two decades beginning with an MFA from Philidelphia’s Tyler School of Art in 1984 and punctuated with many gallery shows, residencies and public art commissions.

We can be nothing but pleased to have this Los Angeles native in our midst. It has been said that a painting by June Edmonds can be a prayer, a song or a scream. The presentation here shows a wide range of Ms. Edmonds’ visual talents.

The title Public and Private underscores her deep commitment to both civic minded and deeply personal visualization. From her almost monumental works commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Los Angeles to the deeply personal “Drawings in Black.” It’s all here. Take a look.


Paintings and public art by . . . . . . . June Edmonds
Interface Design and Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite