The poetry of the punk scene was that people who fancied themselves as anarchists could stand up on stage in front of a crowd and start expressing themselves with musical instruments. Standing around all nice and prim like Pollyanna waiting for music classes to return to the public schools is a political statement of submission. The poetry of punk is to just stand up and fight this lack of “proper” and “official” support.

Now couple the poetry of punk and the humble grace of the local African street singer of the urban tangle of concrete and steel—now you are getting closer to Fumilayo, an idea of protest and public expression from seasoned Los Angeles poet Fumilayo Bankole, supported by Leah Luna (bass, flute, percussion) and Chester Whitmore (drums). The compilation of their first effort is called L.A. River.

From her CD Baby page: “She is the anti-American Idol, full of grown-up, insightful lyrics, short on the over-vocalizing and unoriginality so popular these days. She is a unique activist voice with a talent for creating memorable, catchy melodies. Fumi draws on a ten year stint being a high school teacher in Los Angeles, KPFK programming, her personal experience and intense empathy for people in the world who are suffering at the hands of a few. The eleven tracks on LA River are a combination of poetry, acoustic songs and accompanied songs enhanced with bass and eerie sound bites.”


Written and Produced by . . . . . . . Fumilayo Bankole

Audio Engineer/Sound Design . . . . . . . Philip Rohr

Bass, Flute, Percussion . . . . . . . Leah Luna

Drums  . . . . . . . Chester Whitmore


Online Audio Post-production by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite

Interface Design and Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite