©2009 Hauwa M. Sambo
Words are feelings,
Feelings are thoughts
Thoughts are us
Us are we
We are life
And life is death.


©2009 Hauwa M. Sambo
I will be true
For there are those who trust me,
I will be pure
For there are those who care,
I will be strong
For there is much to suffer,
I will be brave
For there is much to dare,
I will be humble
For I know my weaknesses,
I will be a friend
For the friendless.


©2009 Hauwa M. Sambo
When shall we learn?
We talk, talk and talk,
We condemn one another,
And yet we love doing what we condemn.
For the boys it’s jeans and T-shirts and curly hairs,
Smiles full of deceit.
For the girls it’s light transparent wears and mini skirts,
Make-ups, more  make-ups, Jerry curls,
Big eyeballs full of adultery
Screened behind medicated glasses.
Can we reason?
Are we really educated?
But we cannot really go back to the roots.
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