Rhonda Thompson a.k.a. Buttafly Jones assembles a talented crew of poets with the flavor of beats. Hip Hop Poetry Jam Vol 1 features Buttafly, Bridget Gray, GaKnew, Mark GonzalesGina Loring, Jahaira and Javon with a special appearance by Tony B Conscious. The DVD features not just the performances but also the backstage interviews of the poets. This online presentation is just a small sample of the poets, only poetry and interviews by Gina Loring, GaKnew and Tony B Conscious and an interview by Jahaira.

Gina Loring, her poem about New York is featured here and really stands out with hip hop flavor mixed with remarkable literary depth. This level of letters should inspire the respect of Chuck D and a nod from Gil Scott Heron. Stay tuned at http://hiphoppoetryjam.com for the latest information on this thought-provoking and entertaining series.


Words and Flow by . . . . . . . GaKnew, Gina Loring, Jahaira and Tony B. Conscious

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