Rose Colored Glasses is not your conventional jazz, r&b, rock-soul or even hip-hop CD. It incorporates a bit of all these styles. It is an experience that literally takes its listener on a journey; a journey of music, sounds and words. With the spoken word serving as your guide, the music and sounds help you navigate through a myriad of emotions.

First you venture through the Middle Passage with “Answers In Retrospect,” then you head to the country to sit in “The Kitchen" at mama’s house. Next, it’s off to the city to hear a little jazz in the club and be “Together As One” with your true love. Then you’ll start to chant the sistah’s anthem, “Let Me Tell U.” The journey also makes a few stops with tracks specifically designed to honor men—“Tribute” and “Sweet Black Berry.” Finally, you end with the instrumental version of the piece that started this whole journey, “Rose Colored Glasses.”

When all is said and done, you will find that you have truly taken a journey within this CD. Yes, this is definitely a CD that will both entertain and educate!

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Words and Flow by . . . . . . . Nichelle Holliday

Sound Recordings Produced by . . . . . . . Nichelle Holliday, Dwight Carroll

Executive Production by . . . . . . . Bettye S. Holliday

Sound Mastering by . . . . . . . Erick Labson, MCA Music Media Studios, North Hollywood, CA

Sound Engineering by . . . . . . . Dwight Carroll, Pandingo Studios, Altadena, CA

Photography & Art Direction by . . . . . . . William Pitts, WPI

Interface Design and Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite