IF JENNIFER’S work were described by post-modern Puritans they would call it evil of the finest quality. You see, there is evil in the form of grunts and groans and then there is articulate and refined evil—I daresay, delicious evil. In Freudian terms, these three poems are steeped in anal attitudes and very id oriented. In my most secret spiritual terms I would cryptically say, Some of us must establish our relationship with Satan before we consider anything divine.

Do not misunderstand these words. “Skies of Blood” is not a about the worship of Satan—just something vaguely of Sodom, of human animal freedom and other of the Tempter’s favorite things. For less judgmental information click here.


Written by . . . . . . . Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien

Interface Design and Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite