SOMEONE on this planet answers to the name Thom Kellar. Someone associated with this name sent poetry to the kinte space. I read the poems. I see some of them as ideas that should be shared. So some of these poems are here. I know that this guy is published at Dawn’s House of Poetry and even there is no information about this person. Not even a return e-mail address.

So based on the work he sent me, I will reveal yet more about myself as I try to guess who Thom Kellar is: Thom Kellar is a “white guy”—he is a no-nonsense American guy (as in Caucasian male from the United States) who does not want to make a “big deal” about writing poems. The writing is an extension of his life. This is not a “rich boy” fashion show. This is Thom Kellar. Just a guess.


Written by . . . . . . . Thom Kellar
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