Queen Mother N’Ast Interview (9/23/2004) To epitomize the theme “Sankofa: Return to the Traditions of Our Ancestors,” Keidi Obi Owadu interviews Queen Mother N’Ast of the Shiji Uat Study Group meeting Sundays at KRST Unity Center of African Spirituality, 7825 South Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047-2728.

Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers Interview (10/26/1998) Pat Freeman, of WUFO Buffalo, NY, interviews Dr. Jacob Carruthers, professor of history and education at the Center for Inner City Studies of Northeastern Illinois University for thirty-two years, authored several important books that paved the way and provided the framework for the African-centered approach to the research and study of Classical African history and African civilization. His works include: Intellectual Warfare (1999), Mdw Ntr (1995), Essays in Ancient Egyptian Studies. (1984), and The Irritated Genie (1985). Other significant works include Science and Oppression (1972) and African or American (1994). He co-edited Reconstructing Kemetic Culture (1990), The African Worldview (1986) and The Preliminary Challenge (1997). Many of his works challenged the prevailing ideas in the field of Egyptology as well as the role of African people in the development of civilization in the ancient Nile Valley.


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