Education depends on ancestral information. In the traditional, non-colonial African context, this dependency is made explicit in various forms of ancestor ‘worship’—valuing the fact that our foremothers and fathers prepared a place for us—and the by product of this family way is a contribution to the entire world.

One fundamental problem with the education of African children worldwide is the quality of ancestral information. African children are being starved of the mental food supply that their ancestors provide. This nourishment is deliberately replaced with synthetic substances with many unhealthy side effects.

In this sampler, Dr. Leonard Jeffries in “The Albany Speech” reports on just how deliberate and explicit the starvation process is. His “ Review of the New York State Curricular Materials K–12” is one of few Internet artifacts left behind from epic battles with the likes of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and Edward Irving Koch. The opinion here is that Dr. Jeffries was a bright spark in Reagan’s 1980s, helping to ignite a white-supremacist cultural revival such that, to this day, the word “multiculturalism” is always received with cynical smirks by the properly assimilated. The opinion here is that Schlesinger’s corporate-backed propaganda pamphlet, The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society, is called a “classic” to signal support for the supremacy of white power—and, at base, to mark Dr. Leonard Jeffries as an untouchable, a raving anti-Semite.

Our sample of Dr. Jeffries finds him revealing that the monumental Statue of Liberty, the idea of Édouard René Lefèvre de Laboulaye, was originally meant to represent the emancipation of Africans after the Civil War—it was not originally intended to celebrate a bicentennial or America’s love for immigrants. Laboulaye, a staunch abolitionist is mentioned briefly in Ken Burns’ The Statue of Liberty.

In this sampler, psychologist Dr. Amos Wilson in “White Imperialism and Black Self-Annihilation” details what happens mentally to African youth who are properly assimilated by dominator culture, incarnating the study of war. Our sampler presents the portion of his speech where the threat of “meta racism,” a term evidently coined by Étienne Balibar, is a possible wave of the future, drowning out the open and explicit displays of classic white supremacy.

Dr. Wilson reminds us that those who benefit from white supremacy by premeditated executive action are not boiling over with irrational hatred and crimes of passion. On the contrary, we must see cool calculus and the science of destruction, the study of war. By turning the findings of Robert Atkinson on their head, Dr. Wilson asserts that African youth are at risk for being driven insane, faced toward self-destruction. In “Adolescence” Atkinson writes, “The dangers for the adolescent are role confusion (i.e., a failure to arrive at a consistent, coherent, and integrated identity) and identity diffusion (i.e., an inability to commit oneself, even in late adolescence, to an occupation or ideological position and assume a responsible stance in life)…Teenagers become more interested in understanding themselves and why they behave the way they do or what influences shaped their personality. They become concerned with matters of confidence, the ability to perform well, a sense of worth, a sense of personal control, low levels of anxiety, and feeling good about one’s self. These, in fact, are the components of a good self-concept and are also important contributors to psychological well-being.”

Ancestral information, starting with accurate information from immediate family about family members, helps prevent “identity diffusion.” The full-length audio for these presentations are available at


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