JOHN BENNETT sends me email. I am pretty sure that this John Bennett is the noted poet who would call his works shards—not prose poems or short stories as in Fire in the Hole—but just about any arrangement of words. Such is from the following email:

“Last night I read Ann Menebroker’s book of poems, Tiny Teeth, cover to cover. I don’t do that very often with a book. I think it is well worth a read, and so I am going to email a poem a day for the next week or so.”

“If you like what you read and want the full experience, you can order the book through but preferably from the publisher for twelve bucks at:”

R.L. Crow Publications
PO Box 262
Penn Valley, CA 95946

“For those of you tuned in to the Small Press, all the poems in the book appeared over the years in Marvin Malone’s Wormwood Review, a classic of the small-press literary world.”


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