A Bird Reads

©2001 Moshe Benarroch
In the transition of the seasons
when the gallant wind blows 
a bird sits and reads
the whole torah
a bird sits and reads
all the prophets’ words 
a bird sits and reads
the chronicles of the world
a bird sits and reads
and praises the creator of the world
and people pass and watch
and say hey beautiful bird
beautiful bird who reads
their whole hearts.

A Jewish Dream

©2001 Moshe Benarroch
I dreamt an atomic bomb fell in Tel Aviv 
and there was of course a big mess and many dead
and then people discovered that the Jews
are not sensitive to radioactivity
because of circumcision
and because it is done on the eighth day
and not after months or years
and then everybody understood that Abraham was a genius
and a great expert of nuclear physics.
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