AT FIRST GLANCE, Mobolaji Olambiwonnu might erroneously be mistaken for a hard-core proponent of the entertainment industry. If you only look at his attending UCLA and his professional involvement in the production of music videos, you may quickly conclude that using all of his cash on hand to make an art film would be the last thing on his mind. But Mobolaji discovered the east coast as well as the west coast; he found the New York Film Academy as well as MTV. Using the Academy’s non-sync sound camera, a basic lighting kit, about $500 and with a little help from his friends, he shot (in one take) Candlelight Dinner.

This work could be considered slightly autobiographical. Mobolaji would be the first to admit this. But the need to make a personal statement did not cripple some considerable respect for strong cinematic visualization, remarkable continuity (good editing) and a subtle sense of humor.



Tremell Johnson and Chastity Dotson

Production Design by . . . . . . . Avery Caldwell
Director of Photography . . . . . . . Meera Laube
Edited by . . . . . . . Mosun Mah
Music by . . . . . . . Edwin Wendler

Online Production by . . . . . . . R. Kain Blaze,

Written, Directed and Produced by
Mobolaji Olambiwonnu