VLADIMIR ORLOV APOLOGIZES for not sending his submission to kintespace.com through the paper mail: “Snail mail submissions are impossible due to high postage costs and handling problems, as they often either reach editors almost torn to pieces or simply disappear. Moreover, Russian and Western living standards differ drastically, whatever conclusions you might draw from media reports about Mr. Abramovich buying Chelsea and all that kind of stuff. People who work hard but live outside of Moscow or do not belong to corrupt bureaucracy usually make less than $200 a month, with inflation pressures building up and food and gasoline prices nearing Western levels. Average pensions now reach $75 a month, so poverty appears striking under such record high oil prices, with state bureaucracy and big business eating up all the national resources.”  No apology is necessary.

In spite of these challenges he has managed to reach and publish in over 150 literary magazines since 1992. And his offering looks back on the days before “free markets” without any nostalgia or settling down with a supposed lesser of evils.


Written by . . . . . . . Vladimir Orlov
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