PADMA JARED THORNLYRE was born in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA), at the base of the Rocky Mountains, in 1959. He has spent most of his life in Colorado, with brief stints in Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa. Currently, he lives in Denver, Colorado in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the U.S.

Padma has been writing poetry for 24 years-since the age of 12 when, in a moment of epiphany, he “knew” that the Muse’s path would be his own. He has written six books to-date, two of which are published: Fire Queen (and related poems) in 1989; and My Guru, My Midwife in 1994. He is hard at work on the 20-somethingth revision of Angel Flesh: Poems 1978-1996, which he hopes to publish sometime in 1997 or ‘98.


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