RhondaK, co-editrix of NakedPoetry.com, writes from the ruins of previous lives in NYC, Philly, North Carolina, and various Florida incarnations. She has previously read at NYPL’s Books to Rememeber at Lincoln Center, and for the past three years has been the hostess and curator of “Poetry in the Dark,” where she has provided a forum for aspiring poets and writers.

Rhonda was recently found curating and performing in various word events in the Tampa area, including our own NakedPoetry, and alternately spending Important Quality Time with the demanding yet lovable Oskar the Luv Pug. RhondaK received the Best of the Bay award for her open mic series, Poetry in the Dark; she has performed in the Black Madonna Production, PUDENDA, as well as Whiskey Noir at the Silver Meteor Gallery, with members of Ashes of Grisum and Annie Vox.


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