This streaming audio presentation of the 2003 Robert Thurman interview from Changesurfer Radio, produced by J. Hughes (a.k.a. Dr. J.) describes a struggle for peace between devout materialists and devout monks. Thurman maintains that the monastic order is not a dead relic of the past but an essential element of a future free from the “inevitability” of war and the so-called “human nature” of finding ways to alienate and exploit nature.

What is closer at hand is the ‘internal conflict’ between ‘secular’ Buddhists of “nothingness” and the traditional Buddhists who “believe” in many metaphysical systems, including reincarnation. This ‘realistic’ trend is represented by Stephen Batchelor and his book Buddhism without Beliefs. In this Dr. J interview, Thurman explores this area with a deep commitment to the foundational need for reincarnation.

Robert Thurman is the author of several books including Infinite Life: Awakening to Bliss Within and Inner Revolution.


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