There are times when I am convinced that Robin Strayhorn is living with her kiln 24 hours a day. When you look at the wide layers and narrow threads of color in many of her monotypes and paintings, you can see daily hours of meditation. These personal, intimate moments of creativity may sound like that of a recluse until you discover Ms. Strayhorn’s extensive record of public/civic works including her 2002 public commission for the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Rosa Parks Blue Line Station in Los Angeles. In collaboration with renowned artist Michael Massenburg, she designed and fabricated five concrete/ceramic tile benches which pay tribute to Rosa Parks. In the summer of 2007, we look forward to the unveiling of her exterior tile wall at the entry to the Ted Watkins pool house for the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation and Frank Webb Architects.

Hollywood also came looking for Robin Strayhorn as well. Many of her works enjoyed “product placement” and cameos in shows like Sister, Sister, Moesha, The Cosby Show and The Parkers. I can only look forward to Robin Strayhorn’s time management advice—maybe she can write a book or make a video series! Even here on the Internet her presence is established by several organizations, including The Tilford Art Group, The Los Angeles Collective—and, now, finally here in the kinté space!

Our gallery show video covers a February 2, 2002 Robin Strayhorn appearance at a Jefferson Park Studio event called “Kinds of Blue: an Evening of Art, Jazz and Spoken Word.” Jefferson Park Studio was then located at 4835 W. Jefferson Blvd in the 90016—its current location is unknown. Nevertheless, our Strayhorn coverage of this event captures the hard work and talent that comes with Ms. Strayhorn, her work. And, oh yes, this video features a charming oil painting of the famous jazz composer, Billy Strayhorn, Robin’s uncle represented with loving care!


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