Jungle Safari

©2002 Lee Perry
Blue supermarkets.
“Blue Moon” in space.
Grab his suitcase
and his briefcase.

Him say he: He got a supermarket—
“I know ugly where I’m going to park it!”

“Because it’s big—but I can park it.”
And I can tell you because I mark it:
Jungle Safari… got a supermarket.

And then the…? Eh—“Jungle Safari?”
Just grab his briefcase
and say, Hello alien in outer space.

Uncle Martin Luther King
and then—eh? From the U.S.A.?

He say he take out all the munch. “I take the bunch.”

“I take the dimes then I take the time”—Time Magazine?
Cash Box Magazine?


He say hello uncle Martin in space.
He say, “Hello, Ace of Base.”
Hey! Hello Ace of Base.
I like the way you do your thing
—these a’ coming from the king.

“Hello, Ace of Base. You are the Reggae Boss”
—and then I give you first class.

Jungle Safari. Grab his brief, brief, briefcase.
He say get up in a business space.
And then a come a business race
from alien in outer space.

Uncle Martin Luther King
and then—eh? Hello Mandela!
And then I give you our red umbrella Mandela
to hook it in the White House—hey!
Then give the president white louse.

And you hold the president white louse.
And the president white louse
I give Mandela a red umbrella
—and then I said to Uncle Martin Luther King,
Let’s conquer Rockefeller and pull on a sinning senate
and put a senior helper called Cinderella.

Yes you did: Jungle Safari.
Yes you did: Uncle Safari.
Yes you did… Jungle Safari.
Yes you did: J’ah Rastafari.

“You give me Rockefeller head!” a Cinderella said.
Rockefeller dead.
There’s a Cinderella in the Rockefeller bed
—and Martin Luther King in his king head.

Ah la. La. La. La.

Jungle Safari. Grab his briefcase.
And then we go into supermarket.
And say that we go’ park it.
And now don’t you “Skylark” it.

“Come on then! I give you hell!”
I give you S—I give you S: Space Godhead.
And Space Godhead said,
Fire in a Babylon.
Fire inna every land.

Fire, fire. Fire sound. Can you see me?
You can see but you can’t see my words now.
You hear me sound but you can’t see me sound now.
You can’t envision invisible ideas now.

Take up your quest and follow us to the sky.
With Reggae Ark! Reggae Ark! Reggae Ark!
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